Hair Hair Everywhere

Pinup Wardrobe acquired, check! Now to document in photos. What looks good with what, and practice poses. Three photo shoots later, the wardrobe is well documented but our pictures still don’t look like Pinups. My husband at this point has read Shoot Sexy, but I resist. The difference hair and makeup create is inarguable. For months now we’ve had two hair and makeup books. I have the makeup down all right, but hair has never been my forte. Call in the professionals! Or at least a professional student. Fortunate for us, there is a beauty academy down the street, Blake Austin. The first time I get my hair done up is for my cousin’s wedding and it takes three hours. Did I mention we have an infant and three year old? They need mommy and we need to hit the road North for the Placerville event of the year. We got a few decent shots, but plan to try again in three weeks when we take our annual family Christmas card photos. Same story of too long at the salon and not enough time to take pics beyond family and still make it out dancing. Third time is a charm though so by January, we finally manage the complete look over and over again.
The complete Pinup shot follows.

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