The Prize

Home and settled the evening of my victory, I am floored at my prize! Treasures from a Luscious Ladies seamstress (KW Creations), and a photo shoot with Bad Bones Photograhpy, hair and makeup by Brittany Jane included. My husband noted earlier in the day with Jackie, president of the Angels, that this prize has a $500 value. I get online and begin learning more about the folks we met. Brittany Jane is the President of Luscious Ladies, married to Bad Bones Photography guy/DJ of the party, whom together produce Delicious Darlings Magazine. I am giddy at the opportunity to work with this couple and to learn more of the Pinup scene, and these are just the folks to have that conversation. I still ponder if I deserve to win, as Shane informs me he felt the girl next to me may have had a louder crowd roar. I wonder what the criteria the judges held. I also tell myself that perhaps it was nothing to win, but to everyone who competed that simply isn’t true. Days later, I put together that two of the girls in the finals with me were each hopefuls to each of the different host groups which causes me to wonder if they declare me the winner simply out of nonpartisan spirit. Three judges, one from each group, and a man who is a vendor at the event, I still don’t know their criteria or if the win was in jest. But within days with an announcement on Facbook, the Luscious ladies induct five potentials as new members all at once. I wonder why so many at a time, and what the criteria are to be a member. Each group hovers in numbers around a dozen. Looking at Facebook pages I remain curious, what turns a hopeful into a bone fide member?

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