This Train

“The” revisited

Discovering new adventures with new friends, our latest shoot took us to the hills of Grass Valley and this piece of train! We certainly would like to return to the property and shoot more on this scene, plus many more including a glorious waterfall! Keep your mouse poised to click back over and enjoy the images!

“” Throw down the break? Think I’m strong enough?

Once we’re rolling, full speed ahead!

Hang on and enjoy the ride, this train is leaving the station!

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Body art by Trevor Holmes

Green Mad Men

Fall has arrived in California. Mornings and evenings are darker. Nights are cooler, as well as some days. We are enjoying the breeze this week as well as the pleasantry afforded by it to enjoy the outdoors.

I am partial to green. This dress is a reproduction. I think Gigi’s jade jewelry goes lovely as an accompaniment. For new readers, Gigi is Shane’s grandmother who passed away about ten months before The Pinup Pursuit really launched. She was a stylish lady and I inherited some cherished pieces from her collection.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson





Alright, something I haven’t talked about and been meaning to discuss. I first released images from this beach series and received favorable feedback regarding my makeup. I applied it myself, which was a huge confidence breakthrough with regards to photography. A fun little secret I’m sure Gravy won’t mind me sharing is that the day of this shoot, I applied his makeup as well, some foundation and a bit of contouring. The only reason I felt okay doing that is because I was playing with a new toy. We invested to acquire an air brush. That’s correct, our faces as you see them in these images were air brushed hours previous. I even air brushed my cheek color, eye shadow, and eyebrows. The notion stemmed out of my makeup incident at Midnight Mass. Motivated me to learn to do it myself. I am still learning, and botch it regularly. So goes the saying, if you don’t get on the horse then you’ll never learn to ride.

In Deep


Heels Over Head

Speakeasy Photos
Hair: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: David “Gravy” Castillo
Authentic vintage swimwear procured online.

Asian Dress 3

Final installment of the three Asian dresses I acquired online after swearing off online shopping, could not resist three for $60! Homemade, and extremely well done. The home sewer who in the Mid-Century built these, matched the pieces of fabric beautifully with absolute attention to detail. Unfortunately, this particular dress arrived with three of the four shaping darts bust. Laurie Tavan helped me pin the dress and delicately stitch the silk, eek!

To view more Asian dresses, pink (1) and yellow (2)
Speakeasy Photos
MUA: Alyssa Plough
Hair: Self
The crystal bell and teapot were Nonnie’s. I broke the bell days after this shoot. At least we got some photographs!

Billetproof 2014

We enjoyed weather in the eighties with a breeze to compliment the laid-back feel of this car show. We met some rad people and got some fun shots with hot cars. Many images in this post, enjoy!

Classy…I hear tell that the gentleman who owned my car twice removed had a visor on it once upon a time. Perhaps I will begin looking to make that happen once more….

Matt Martin and I had some fun playing in front of the cars.

Here is the same Cadillac, different angle, I shot with Jason of Out-Law photography two months ago at Midnight Mass. Keep your ear to the ground for more news coming from that direction!

Many car clubs were represented at the show. Since meeting the club members in Old Town Sac a few weeks ago who knew the previous owner of my car, I am considering to look into some honorary membership of a club…

This blue is so pretty.

I also love the glass etching.

Pageant contestants! Who won? Number 8, Sugar Bear, check out her extreme hourglass shape! Rare trait indeed.

I found this spiderweb irresistibly photographic.

Matt and I had a lot of fun. He makes me laugh. For a time, he carried a friend’s blue paper parasol, while other guys tried clowning on him, Matt took it in stride…for the most part. That’s entertainment!

This is back at Matt’s truck. He built this so hot I figured I could light my cig on it.

We like this perfect-shade-of-green ride. Or that’s why I liked it. I’m sure Matt’s choice in cars are more technical or mechanical or otherwise sophisticated than that.

Through-out the day I was asked by strangers to pose with their cars, what a delight!

The next car show we attend, I want to focus more on the people attending and back off of the time suck participating in pageants can be, with all their check-ins. Time is better spent shooting and networking.

Car shows are such fun, but with two children en tow they are also a lot of work! We met some nifty people. We invested time with some fabulous folks we are still getting to know. We have high hopes and better strategies for how to budget our time at these events. The vintage car community truly is an entertaining and worthwhile place to invest.

SmugMug green, Baby!

I bust a gut laughing every time I read this shirt. I had to include this in the post. Cannot stop smiling when I think about it, because it can be so true!

Just read the verbiage already in the picture.

Matt and AJ woke up at some 3:00 or 4:00 AM in order to make the drive from Grass Valley and park next to one another at the front of the show. Here are their cars. To see AJ’s sexy interior, there’s a glimpse from Rumble in the Gold Country a few months back. We need to do a serious shoot with that fine piece of machinery. Here is an exterior shot, more images from this year’s Billetproof are here. Cultivating friendships make these days worth all the effort.

The stress of the kids and the pageant, by the time it was all over and time to roll out I just needed to light it up. Twice.

At least I can light it up in style.

Speakeasy Photos

Hair: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Where in the company of a male Model: Matt Martin
Dress: Authentic 1950s vintage procured on Etsy as a back-up dress when I shopped for Midnight Mass

What Oil?

Matt’s neighbor is a vintage oil and car enthusiast. He owns a cache of related memorabilia, much of which is in mint condition. I would love to shoot here again. So much eye candy! I love how so much of what is in his garage matches my top.

For those of you who really know me, I have tummy issues. Delivering a nearly ten pound second child wreaked havoc on my belly button which has not returned to its original state, and I have some stretch marks as well as loose skin. I’ve spoken previously about loving high-waited garments for this very reason. The day I grabbed this last-minute outfit, I was not even thinking about my new jeans being low riders. Whoops. We had to roll with it. Shane encouraged me to publish these images. Here I am in all my child-bearing aftermath glory. My friend, Diana, reminds me that pregnancy impact to our bodies are beauty marks for having grown, nurtured, and given life.

So what sort of oil should I use?

Did I mention that Matt actually makes his own hair grease? That’s correct, ladies and gents, hair grease home brew. That’s bad ass.

This One

More garage images and more Matt.

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: Matt Martin