A Day At The Beach

Nor Cal Style

We headed down the coast Saturday to capture images of some authentic vintage swimwear. Gravy and I are both wearing bathing suits I picked up on OLL. A lovely day and picnic at the beach it was, even though the sun was shining only a short while. We took 2500 photos, so I will be an occupied lady this week sorting and narrowing down the collection to presentable size. Here is an overview of our fun frolicking in the sand, can you hear the ocean waves rolling in and out?

Piggyback Ride


Rocka What?!

Upon This Rock



Speakeasy Photos
Hair: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model and Co-Creator: David “Gravy” Castillo

Sarong Dress

Most pinup girls own or want to own a sarong dress. Options are to purchase a mass produced reproduction, find authentic vintage, or have one made. I chose to have one made by the affordable Tatted Tina Lopez. The two back darts needed to be taken out and I sewed new darts to hug my back curve, but such is life when ordering a tight fitting garment from all the way across the country! Pictured are Gigi’s Hawaiian necklace, broach at the tie, earrings, and ring. On my feet are Brazilian made shoes picked up from Racks Boutique. I had the time of my life dancing in this dress a few weeks ago, but then again every night I get to go dancing is the time of my life just about anymore. I LOVE Big Band and Blues music, amplified when twirling about the floor with the fun leads of Sacramento. I’m really taking a gamble on the light application of Bare Minerals face makeup in these photos and hope you are viewing this on a little phone screen to just see the outline and not details of these images. I do not wear heavy makeup as is common for photo shoots when I dance. This is the result when photos are snapped on the way out for a night of dancing!

Speakeasy Photos

Prom Dress 2

I purchased this dress along with this one plus another to come with a “Queen of the Bop” contest in mind. She’s pretty, but not my favorite fit. Too bad since I love green. I suspect this will at some point come up for sale by me. I took a bit of a ballet style with this to change it up. Nice angle on that beehive by The Hair Maverick, wouldn’t you say?

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Black Marilyn Suit

I hear it is taboo to shoot pinup in bare feet. I think this turned out fine. This suit is worn in SO MANY pinup shoots. So here’s mine as well,

Barefoot is fun, but I do adore these shoes by Irregular Choice. I’ve made mention in previous posts I crushed on these shoes three years before making the purchase. Cheers to online shopping!

Speaking of online shopping, I have acquired a small Spartan army of authentic vintage swimwear, including a man’s suit. I look forward to spending the last of summer’s weeks at the beach shooting for your viewing pleasure. May be a few weeks coming, but keep your eyes peeled!

More immediately, I am pleased to announce that one of my swimsuit reproduction purchases from Bernie Dexter turns out to have more of a cabaret feel to it. We styled a shoot with our friend David, you saw him in our black and white image courtesy of Out-Law Photography two posts ago. I am excited to process those images this week to share with you next week! We had a blast and I think we got some good ones!

Speakeasy Photos
MUA: Alyssa Plough
Hair: Self