Pinup girl secret #1 as revealed by The Pinup Pursuit: waist cincher. Want an hourglass figure? Don’t go to the gym. You heard that right, do not work out your “core”. Muscle doesn’t squish, fat does.

I recently served my friend by wearing a corset in her runway show. Laurie Tavan is located in San Jose and runs a lovely shop called Daze of Laur. She is a corset maker. What has that to do with pinup? Some folks model bedroom clothes for their pinup shots and what better than a body shaping corset? A waist cincher is basically a mini corset, but thinner and worn under the clothes to do exactly what its name entails, to cinch your waist. Popular in the 1950s for achieving a coveted hourglass silhouette, but I wouldn’t run out and buy one of these vintage dinosaurs. Its not likely to get the job done, plus wearing someone else’s underclothes is unappealing. Modern Spanx make my body look like a stuffed sausage, not serving its intended purpose to enhance figures. Try shopping for authentic vintage clothes, note what tiny waists most garments boast. Perhaps people were smaller back then. Anyone who has made an attempt to buy authentic mid-century garments has to notice how tiny the waists measure. How many times have I heard or experienced, “its a great dress, but the waist…”. No more missing out on a dress for 1-3 inches too small for me! Look again at those classic pinup shots. Can you see it? She’s wearing one! Now I will have one custom made to fit my body as well. This information just opened a whole many more dress options in the vintage shop for me! Next on the list? Custom made bullet bra.

First time on the runway equals one more item checked off my bucket list. Next? To be in a music video. Love.

Photos compliments Tavan Photography.
Hair:Misia Rockte
MUA: Jennifer Matthews

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