Pinup Contest and Car Show at the Drive-In

I have not figured a formula to pinup contests, except that they serve as entertainment and vested interest for the crowd. Marketing material is purposed for some, and others are likely genuine stuff of pageants. A friend of mine in high school attempted to coax my participation in the town, to go to state, Miss Whoever contest. Fascinated by the process, I picked her knowledgeable brain but ultimately opted out of participating. As it turns out, many such contests are “rigged” in a sense that there’s an unspoken rule that a gal needs to participate at least once previously before she can win the current year. That known, my friend was competing coached my another knowledgeable family, and she took third place her first year. A bombshell, she would have been first had said mores not been established. A theater gal, I am certain she wowed the judges in costume and verbal response. Pinup contests are not quite as serious at the level I have competed, and hosted by different groups I cannot imagine a formula being possible. Each contest is a new adventure and experience.

I expect Rockin Rides 4 at the Sacramento Drive-In this Sunday 1-5pm will be fun. Stella Mae’s first time participating in a group event under our charge, so either way the day will be a hoot. Oh, and this time I will be sure to clean her up from my kids’ fingerprints before taking photos.

Speakeasy Photography
MUAH: Brittany Jane
MUAH photo 2: Self
Car: Mine
Hat: Inherited from Gigi

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