Larissa Rose

This woman not only made the dresses featured in this series, but she is a real wielder of swordplay. Larissa is an amazing cook, carer of a pack of dogs which includes two pit bulls, beautiful dancer, and key player in a family business. Did I mention what she never will, which is that she also happens to be a singer/musician and captivating subject for the camera?

I met Larissa dancing at the Firehouse. We often exchanged compliments over each others ensembles. One fashionista spies another in a crowd. Larissa has this genuine light of life in her that feels good to be near. The first time I met her brother the same broad smile and eyes lit with that light of life were unmistakable, the relation immediately apparent. Warm people full of raw love are rare. Real passion for life and its tasks flow as a wellspring.  What treasures flow to be graced with their energy.

Images by Samuel Nesbitt

Location: Nor Cal Coast


What happened to the Pinup piece of this publication?

Waking Up


Larissa’s brother:

The Pinup Pursuit is Complete

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