The Wardrobe

I stare into the abyss of my closet to find one ill fitting dress and pair of cigarette pants I believe to fit, but my husband labels “muffin toppy”. A huge sale the day after Thanksgiving affords me the opportunity to acquire a Pinup wardrobe beyond the bathing suits hoarded the previous summer to cover stretch marks from my second pregnancy. Shane allows a generous purchase, which arrives with mixed satisfaction. Brands in the vintage reproduction Pinup clothing abound as much as size variation and how a 28″ waist wears. I find one or two brands and exchange the rest, waiting on pins and needles for the following two weeks whether or not the next size down will be a solid fit. The feeling I get the day the first box of dresses arrives that actually FIT is like the best Christmas morning you could possibly recall! Seven months postpartum, the satisfaction of zipping up these lovelies and I feel like a beautiful new woman! Addicted to that feeling, the sales keep posting so we keep spending. Dresses, shorts, tops, shoes, earrings, belts, slips and a minimum of six months to pay it all off. But, we finally have the Pinup Wardrobe.

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