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My generation joins for job skills. We have no clue about the Viet Nam War’s generation.

Unload. A dog may have been a longer lasting friend than those shooting bullets alongside in battle.

Each generation has its own wars and battles to be fought. Some with firearms, more with wit and interpersonal skills. Nothing rages stronger than battles of the mind and heart. The road may be long, but we can figure it out.

Cope how you must.

Art and Experience

Check out the hour plus ride we took to get to this set, sped up and set to song. One wild ride for urban dwellers:

More Viet Nam themed photos from this shoot.

Photography and set design, including wardrobe: Samuel Nesbitt
MUAH: Self

And Now Your Watch Has Ended

My favorite character in Game of Thrones is Jon Snow, has been from episode 1. I am rooting for him. This jacket was meant to be the final installment of the three authentic vintage outerwear pieces promised. Alas, I have developed a deep affinity for vintage fur and have since purchased many more pieces with no plans of stopping. Look out, World, the danger and beauty of fur and its opulence is here to stay! I recently discovered a new-to-the-area Antique shop whose owner also has store in Reno. She specializes in acquiring fur, if for no other reason than supplying Burners. Every year travelers mecca to Burning Man, seeking furs to keep them warm during the cool nights on the playa. My MedSpa nurse also recently testified to the unequaled warmth provided by her fur coat, gifted to her by a sister who relocated from New York to Florida. Keep warm like the animals!

More fur coats! Honed and Ready; Winter is Coming
Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Dressing Under the Blacklight

Dressing for blacklight is out of the norm. Sure, order the neon eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polish that will glow. Tie up your hair with neon bands. Wear white…? Stop there. Let’s speak on some bulleted points as to what we discovered upon bringing a blacklight into my closet, then shooting in our home studio that which stood out. Learn from my vested time:

-Prioritize your time to polish your white shoes, if nothing else.
-White is nice, but neons really stands out as well.
-Leather does not pick up the blacklight, think about this with your shoes as well.
-Beware of dark colors, as you may not blend into the dark; detergent residue glows. Blacklight is an awesome way to discover stains in your fabrics as well, so test it out or bring a change and have a buddy look you over at the venue.
-Accessorize with bloomers, slips, socks and head scarfs/handkerchiefs that will glow as well. Again, whites and neons.
-White print on a dark background can look cool, but it can also fade and not pick up the light, depending upon how well lit the venue is.
-Super white top/bottom with the opposite bottom/top on the dark side looks a little funny. (dancing pants ??)
-My favorite looks of the day were the dresses: consistent top and bottom brightness.
-Tore up denim actually looks good! Especially with a white wife beater. Everybody can wear that!

Beware underwear may show through your clothes, and so may tags. Careful to dress all layers mindfully.

Don’t have all white? Patterns with flowers and such glow nicely as well, though all white will guarantee you are more visible perchance the lighting is not as sufficient as in the photo studio.

Light colored dresses, such as pale yellow and pale blue glow brightly.

Neon top stands out swimmingly, as does my nylon slip. Again, careful of undergarments and beware your teeth may also glow.

Who doesn’t own some tore up jeans? They glow like a charm! Head scarves and other hair accessories may also add a nice touch.

I love this vintage dress Megan found at her local thrift shop! Beautiful white glows!

More black light

Speakeasy Photos

Black light Experiment

Whatever do we look like under the black light?

We have a black light Fusion dance approaching this weekend. The question to every themed dance: whatever will I wear? Clothing excites me. I can spend hours looking at clothes and dreaming up outfits in person or on the interwebs. I enjoy this work. The ensemble seen here I threw together in a matter of minutes, poking about my closet and popping the tags on a pair of fishnets I received as a consolation prize for participating in the Miss Billietproof contest. The underwear garter belonged to my mom, also an enthusiastic wardrobe procurer, purchased in the 1980s she handed down to me tags still attached. I keep a box of ill-fitting bras, which is rather abundantly supplied these five years of constant pregnancy and breast feeding, where I found the bra. My head piece and gloves were purchased from the Sacramento Antique Faire months ago, the dance shoes I found at a store closing sale. Total cost to me for all I am wearing: less than $30. That’s neither here nor there, I think it looks amazing under the black lights. All that being said, I am not about to wear it to a dance. My next post I will reveal what I learned during our experiment dressing under the black light. The first cool thing about this shoot? MUAH was running a brush through it. We shot this just before bedtime, clean face is my personal favorite just as we did with this Raw Boudoir Practice a few months ago.

Body Shape


Speakeasy Photos

Gettin’ to Work

I’ve got my creeper and my girl. Ready to work…

Suppose we will require some tools as well.

Time has been spent in the garage. The problems have been diagnosed, now time to get to work. Life work can be personal, but much of it seems to go better when we have awesome people in our lives working alongside. Community is powerful. Especially when we break down.

You take the creeper, girl. I’m taking a closer look.

Speakeasy Photos
Model: Rachel Anne Taylor
Hair: Jacqueline Driver
Makeup: self
Wardrobe: my personal collection, hair scarves from Rachel Taylor

Garage Fun

Once Upon a Time there was a girl hot over a Chevelle.

What? That car has too much what for me…?

Breaking down means time for experimentation and diagnostics to discover the root of the issue then work toward solutions. Experimenting can be a time suck, but can also be fun and rewarding with loads of learning opportunities.

This shoot with Matt a few months ago was such a fun and varied day!

More from this shoot:
Grave Digger
What Oil?
Engine Work
Hott Rodd

The Musical Begins

Work It

The End

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: Matt Martin
Wardrobe:Top by Ains & Elke Style Haus, shoes by Irregular choice, jeans by Guess. Grabbed these low riders by mistake, never meant to show my post-baby belly, but there it us without photo shop, because we know not how to use it! Ha!

Broke Down

Being a girl is so much fun!

Oh no, we broke down again!

Do you ever feel life has left you broke down? Again? We break down, take inventory, assert the problem, then set to work at fixing it. Sometimes the work is life-long. Sometimes the work is ending a relationship, be it a job, a role we are playing, or a habit formed. Change is perceived as loss and is painful, but without pain we will not change and grow. Careful as to the type of pain you allow to continue in your life. Is it change to grow you for the better? Or the kind that needs to be cut off? If you find yourself broke down, take that inventory seriously. Speak with people who genuinely care for your well-being, and consider reading some books.
Recommended reading: Changes that Heal; Daring Greatly
Seek other reading material specific to your current battles. We have a library of relationship books on how to make marriage work. I’ve invested hours, dollars, and self-searching only to learn last month that Shane has Aspergers Syndrome. Traditional marriage counseling and advice will not work for us. We need very specific help and are seeking it. Do I regret the time I put into building relationship tools and self-awareness? Not at all. Work on yourself is always worth the returns.

We can handle ourselves.

Last time we broke down.
More Star High Beauty

Speakeasy Photos
Model: Rachel Taylor
“The Rachels”
MUAH: Star High Beauty
Vanity dictates I must state that Shane parked the car while I was getting my hair done. I generally back in better than that.

Vintage Bustier and Slip

This bustier was procured on OLL Facebook community of vintage clothes enthusiasts 11,000+ strong the world over. I picked up this darling pink slip from the same local friends as the girdle. Shoes by Poetic License.

Years of ill-fated storage cannot easily be undone.

I’ve had these pantyhose on long enough, time to come off! This scene from Dirty Dancing…

More vintage undergarments
Speakeasy Photos
Hair: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Honed and Ready

Game of Thrones is one of very few shows I enjoy. I’ll stick to the North for sayings related to dressing for winter. Real fur on this collar, this is the second of three jackets I purchased from the same estate. This is a new year. Six months previous has been loaded with growth and understanding. I feel honed and ready for so much more.

First Jacket: Winter is Coming
This song: Take Me to Church “I’ll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife.”
Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson