Cream Girdle and Bullet Bra

I picked up this vintage girdle from some friends who often stumble upon such fun items in their lines of work. I was fortunate enough to fit into the contraption, as well as have funds to pay for it.

Straps for stocking exist, as you may see, but if you have been following my blog then you may know how I feel about fussing with that.

My dad picked up this fan for me while working in the Philippines earlier this year. The bra I found on my favored Facebook mid-century group, two bullet bras brand new in the 1950s packaging. This is the first of a vintage undergarments series, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

I found the shoes at a lovely thrift shop in Nevada City. They are dark green and do not show well against the black backdrop. I intended to wear them with my Emerald City resident costume for Halloween. Rain rendered a last-minute scarecrow costume instead.

Last-minute scarecrow costume. Thank God for YouTube makeup tutorials!

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