My birthstone is an emerald, my zodiac a bull and I’ve the temper and stubborn disposition to back it. Last year of my twenties. First birthday I actually feel old, or at least like a bona fide adult. My friends tell me thirty hits and it’s all downhill: wrinkles, weight gain, worries…about retirement? I have to wonder, do we gain weight after thirty because 1) we have money and can afford to eat now 2) metabolism legitimately slows 3) settled in life enough to really enjoy all parts, and food indulgence can be an easy way to do that 4) many of us had kids by now and stress of caring for littles can lead to mindless eating, or at least eating for comfort instead of nutrition. Here’s to hoping all my lovely threads fit me this time next year and the year after that and the year after that. Perhaps one of these days would be a good time to pick back up weekly swing dancing a.k.a. the only exercise I’ve ever stuck with longer than a week ; )
Oh, and my goal by this time next year is to grow a tail.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Model’s own
Top constructed by Jackie Rodriguez of Southern CA acquired through OLL Swap on Facebook, high waist shorts by Rocksteady Clothing, real cowboy boots owned so long I’ve no clue where I picked them up, local or Nashville?
Hat: courtesy Cattleman’s and while they serve scrumptious deep fried apple pie, nothing beats FREE Best-Cheesecake-in-the-world at Tahoe Joe’s

Cassandra Cadillac Clothing

The internet is a lovely tool. For a time, I was purchasing authentic vintage pieces with fervor from a Facebook group (!?) with members the world over. Said site also allows seamstresses to post newly made clothing articles, drafted from vintage patterns. One such amazing creator is Cassandra Cadillac, purvayor of vintage fashion at WearthatDress on Etsy. She made some jumpsuits for other girls and I decided to take a chance and have one made as well, intent on matching some beautiful but difficult-to-pair shoes. My garment, made in Italy by a German gal educated in England (!) arrived some weeks later and I was floored with the top quality construction. I measured a few parts of my body too generously, so if we order another jumpsuit I would take in some measurements here and there. Overall, this jumpsuit is not only chic and vintage, but comfortable as well! I love how when something is made to my own measurements, points of interest such as length which are normally an odd fit to my petite frame, are perfection. Quality seamstress, quality garment, and I am oh-so happy with my purchase. Experiences like this make me say. “Ready-to-wear, never again! Tailor made for me from now on!”
Here I have attached a hair bow on my chest to match the bows on these shoes.

These jumpers feature a back zip and offer much maneuverability.

Here are the difficult-to-match shoes and I am holding my authentic vintage sunshades as well as a lovely vintage purse procured in Midtown Sacramento

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Remembering Our Fallen

Two men went to The Great War, never to return home, each leaving behind a woman and her son. Those hard working women would make ends meet by joining together under one household, raising their sons as brothers. My husband’s grandfather and great uncle formed boyhood bonds together that would carry and influence life’s choices till their last days, each spending their final years just miles apart in Monterey County. I cannot imagine growing up without a daddy. However, I suppose where one bond is broken, another can be forged. Had those two fallen soldiers not made babies before leaving to war, my husband and my babies would not be here. Remembering our fallen soldiers, their families, and all who pick up the broken pieces to forge ahead.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Bernie Dexter Chelsea dress in yellow rose print

Rumble in the Gold Country II

Vintage trailers are rather popular right now. The owners of this one were kind enough to allow our entry. Cute ’50s style design.

Present as well were some interesting characters, like this guy.

I like his facial hair, hat, and smoke.

I found this lacy paint detail lovely.

Gotta eat, Tasty Dog Ice Cream

How cute is this little business? These folks have style, as well as attention to detail, and serve yummy treats! Apologies for the over-exposed image. Pinup girl lesson: hats cover a bad hair day and keep the sun rays off delicate skin, but also create shadows over the face. Supposing that could be a benefit should you experience a “bad face” day.
Check out this hood ornament.

White walls and check out that pin-stripping on the hood of this Plymouth. Notice everyone staying shaded from the sun? The name of the game at an all-day long car show!

I dig on white wall tires. I do not think they go with my rims, so I did not bother looking when we replaced our tires a while back. If rims were not so pricey to replace, I may have considered it with the goal to restore the car back to more authentic condition. It is what it is.

Shane and I met another Pinup photographer. Thanks to Jason Zufelt of Outlaw Photography, we finally got an interior shot in the front seat of my car. I wanted to wait for a different steering wheel, but here we are!

Jason had some great tips for us. He also told us about a group which we were previously unaware. They are Outlaw Pinups. We are curious to learn more and will fill you in once we get all these Pinup groups figured. Then again, made up of notoriously mysterious women, can these groups be figured?

Defenders members had their cars lined up front and center to enjoy the myriad of guest bands. This is a fun grill, Cash Bobby Dickson’s ride, and I like the blue hue in the paint color.

This our second car show, and first attempt to get real images at a car show. On-location shooting is still a different animal for us. Behind the Scenes

As you can see, a private shoot with a car turns out a better shot as it can eliminate background distractions. We had fun learning anyway.

Later I enjoy the front seat of Defender AJ Smith’s 1957 Lincoln Premiere. Rare gem indeed, boasting power windows including the wing windows as well as six way power seats, factory rear A/C and air purifying system.

I am enamored with his interior: the seat and headliner upholstery, dashboard pin stripping, the steering wheel. AJ has done all the work himself, except for Pinstripes by Kellie Kandystriper and upholstery by Sierra Custom Upholstery. See my shoes through the window? I was careful!

Couldn’t spend enough time in that front seat. I did not start up the original 368 Y-block. Cannot express how sweet is this ride! I am interested to view how Outlaw photographer Jason’s shots compare with what we got from the experience.

Hate to see you leave, don’t mind watching you go.

Another interestingly styled vintage trailer…
I’ve heard rumors about this trailer from Reno, but I wouldn’t know anything about it. Not my thing.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Self
Bernie Dexter dress
What DOES the Fox say?

Memorial Day

Remembering all who died on battle fields or otherwise in service of our nation. Thanks for protecting our freedoms and those of the world.
More details about my jacket or reenactments can be found in previous posts. Curious about women in uniform during World War II? This gem of site offers a detailed and easily navigable history. I never knew women served in so many branches!

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Self
Authentic WWII jacket, helmet, and suitcase acquired at the Sacramento Antique Faire
Authentic 48 star flag acquired at the Folsom Antique Faire

Fresh Pressed

I loathe ironing. Our marriage agreement is that as a housewife, I do the bulk of housework, except pressing clothes. My husband presses our clothes when needed. Most of my life, I just assume throw something in the give away pile than iron it. To wear vintage styles well, you have to learn how to press them. The difference is made between looking like you’ve just stepped out of the donation bag, and looking like a million bucks. Before and after pictures would illustrate improvements. Admittedly, the only time I’ve made use of an iron until recently is for sewing garments. Now, if I want to wear my vintage threads, the iron and board come out. Shane says to perfect the art, ironing must be a daily habit. Weekly works for me. Upon my grandmother’s passing, we were asked if there was anything from her estate we desired. I requested the ironing board as a vintage photo prop, but now find myself using it on a weekly basis. I must in order to best strive for the classic tailored look.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Self
Outfit and iron authentic vintage acquired Sacramento Antique Faire
KW Creations hair bow
Ironing Board inherited from Nonnie


Pinup Girl Secret number five: hands. Mindfulness of where and how you position your phalanges can make or break your photo. First I tried enhancing my willingness to pose my hands for close-ups by having my nails done in red shellack. Ten years of wearing zero polish, a five year job at In-N-Out breaking early the adolescent habit, I decide to opt for a shellack manicure. For those unaware, shellack is a thick gel and must be set under a dryer. It’s thick and lasts two weeks! Bargain as opposed to the regular stuff, right? Not so much. I remove mine shy of two weeks in order to participate in that fashion show a few weeks back. My nails for weeks after are brittle, bending backwards, ugly, and not the same healthy pretty natural thing I previously had going. Not sure how long until they’re back to raw beauty, but in the meantime I have a marvelous solution! Said fashion show also revealed how ugly and elephant-like the skin on my hands can be. Ready? Gloves! Yes, I own several for winter, but I’m talking dainty mid century ladylike driving gloves, evening gloves, day gloves like mom bought us for Easter gloves. Reproductions are available, but true vintage pieces are also readily available thrift shopping or online from another’s thrift acquisitions. They can get pricey, but much of the time they’re less expensive than a manicure, even one that lasts two weeks! Wash and wear for decades. Secret confession: I LOVE driving my ’48 whilst wearing my gloves. I feel fabulous and like a vintage starlet when I do it. Old soul here, checking in.

Special thanks to Rockin Rigatoni of Bad Bones Photography who during my shoot, won at the Miss Sweetheart Jamboree contest co-hosted by The Atomic Angels and The Luscious Ladies, encouraged me to be aware of hands.

Images: Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Self
Authentic Vintage hat inherited from GiGi

My Mechanic

My mechanic is cuter than yours, more affordable, and likely much less useful. But isn’t he the cutest Lego mini-figure you’ve ever laid eyes on? I have new windshield glass sitting in our home office going on seven weeks, and cannot seem to nail down anyone to install it! Five weeks I called and waited for calls never returned from one installer in the Sacramento area I will not publicly shame. Apparently they are doing well enough that they do not need my business. My windshield is in two pieces, can you blame them? As the dating game, “We will call you.” No you won’t! Such a hassle compared to getting new tires! The guys at America’s Tire said for classics like mine it takes one to three guys one to three hours, a far cry from modern day easy twenty minute tire changes, a matter of different tools. But America’s Tire did it anyway and for the same cost. Finding such a jovial windshield installer has proved a greater challenge. Four phone calls and weeks later, I relent. American Pastimes recommends another installer, and a week plus two phone calls later we have an appointment on the books. Next car goal: Sexier steering wheel, and after that new exhaust pipes.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Self
Authentic vintage head scarf acquired at Racks Boutique

Getting Ready

Pinup Culture calender for Sacramento boasts many events in the coming weeks. I’m excited for my second car show with the ’48 at Rumble in the Gold Country. Three pageants are also around the corner: Dad’s Queen of the Bop Contest June 21, Miss Rockabilly Riot the following weekend, and Miss Midnight Mass in July, the premiere pageant to take in Northern California featuring cash prizes in addition to a photo shoot! From what I can tell, Midnight Mass is the event local Rockabilly and Pinup folk plan for throughout the year. Winning any of these pageants means representing and advertising for that event all year long. I made entries to all three, though Miss Rockabilly Riot wanted entries by May 1 and I found out about the event after that date. My entry was, of course, rejected so I may try again next year to plan ahead. For now, attending Grass Valley’s Rumble in the Gold Country without pressure of contest will be a treat, and we hope to take lots of photos. Dad is unable to bring his truck, but I look forward to seeing his buddy’s vintage motorcycle!

Speakeasy Photos
No makeup, put the curlers in myself last night
Vintage robe, magazine, and radio acquired Sacramento area Antique Faires.
Vintage table inherited from Nonnie
Vintage blow dryer acquired OLL vintage swap and sell on Facebook

Atomic Angels and Fairytale Town Fundraiser

The Atomic Angels make an announcement on their Facebook page I as their newest member. Shocking words strewn together for my eyes to read, I watch the post the rest of the weekend expecting more news that the account is hacked or some mistake made. My ninety day trial period begins. I still don’t truly know anyone in the group. They seem in transition, as every group needs to change and adjust where need arises. I am under the impression some sort of drama recently tromped. My first event: the annual Fairy Tale Town fundraiser. This year’s theme: Mad Hatter meets Sherlock Holmes. Our contribution: to sell raffle tickets, but my experience was to also serve as a host milling about the room. Location: the beautiful Masonic Temple with loads of vendors and prize donations, certainly a first class affair raising many funds for the beloved Sacramento park. Icing on the cake: to enjoy the sound of two accomplished musicians on the violin and cello equaling perfection.

MUA: Self
Hair: Leftover day 5 by Danyelle “The Hair Maverick”Johnson
Costume designer: Laurie Tavan