My Mechanic

My mechanic is cuter than yours, more affordable, and likely much less useful. But isn’t he the cutest Lego mini-figure you’ve ever laid eyes on? I have new windshield glass sitting in our home office going on seven weeks, and cannot seem to nail down anyone to install it! Five weeks I called and waited for calls never returned from one installer in the Sacramento area I will not publicly shame. Apparently they are doing well enough that they do not need my business. My windshield is in two pieces, can you blame them? As the dating game, “We will call you.” No you won’t! Such a hassle compared to getting new tires! The guys at America’s Tire said for classics like mine it takes one to three guys one to three hours, a far cry from modern day easy twenty minute tire changes, a matter of different tools. But America’s Tire did it anyway and for the same cost. Finding such a jovial windshield installer has proved a greater challenge. Four phone calls and weeks later, I relent. American Pastimes recommends another installer, and a week plus two phone calls later we have an appointment on the books. Next car goal: Sexier steering wheel, and after that new exhaust pipes.

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