Imperfect Pinup: Bowling Bliss

These are the images you didn’t see, that didn’t make the cut the first time I published on this outfit.

If you’ve been following my blog before the scrumptiously styled dandies by Daniel series, then the journey I’ve been on is known. To summarize, I would say that after giving birth to my daughter  and second child 6/9/13 in Yolo county, the animal came out in me and I decided to take better control of my life. For one thing, I started this blog. I began social dancing again. Dance evolved into a place where I was finding myself and others in meaningful ways I had been lacking. Supposing one may say dance was my church. Then finally, months of prayer answered, I had the encounter I longed for all my life. I am in love and intensely attached to another human. Our love ignites a warrior in me that wants to protect all that we share.

I process my journey through my form of art: vintage styling captured in photos. To continue with it I require quality images of the ensembles I put together, and the man responsible for many of the images seen here is also my ex husband. Photographers are willing to work with me, but I wrestle with whether or not to continue. This is my platform and a place to celebrate my femininity. Alas, some think Pinup is a bunch of girls making pictures that say, “F*ck me.” That is not my intent, but if it is received that way then where does my responsibility end and another’s begin? At times I think to scrap this whole project and take it offline. Then I look at a paragraph such as the one above and all the links to my story and variety of images we have created — my friends and I as well as the folks I have met (I adore that image laying on my car)! I’ve worked hard and taken some breaks. The masks came off. I’ve had some fiascos. I won an award. I had a vintage fantasy series on the beach straight out of Grease. I got to play with Viet Nam era as well as WWII/Korean War.  We experimented with raw boudoir as well as black lights. We played Cabaret, I processed some pain, and I even got cheeky. I learned how to fight with two blades, then I learned for what I was fighting. But not before I put my finances in the red purchasing pieces for countless fashion shoots including some trilogies of jackets, prom dresses, and Asian dresses which only scratch the surface.  Now I ask this question: Do I work my tail off to continue creating? Is it worth it? No matter if anyone watches as I do this for myself. Alas the man I love questions this whole genre and believes it stupid. Sometimes I agree, silly games with my closet. Then I realize I’ve been playing with my wardrobe since I was a little girl…this is what I do. Now I have an opportunity to collaborate even more with folks who enjoy vintage fashion. I grew up in classic car culture, and while I may not be the best Pinup out there, I own and enjoy my corner of it. Each has his own understanding of the world in this present moment, and my man is learning to enjoy and incorporate my culture into his world much as I do the same for him when we spend hours playing Guild Wars 2.

As much as I think to scrap the blog, I can say a few things in defense of today’s Pinup. Amazing people in this world find and preserve or upgrade precious pieces of our American heritage every day in all things from cars to furniture to clothes and accessories. We adore the style as well as our heritage. My lover has learned to admit that something magical happens when we hop in the ’48 to cruise and catch a glimpse of glory days. Pinup for some folk may be purposed to make money. But for many women, Pinup is about process and empowering ourselves to learn to love our bodies and to express personality. I have posted about my struggle to indwell my post-two-babies body. Pinup certainly helped me to feel sexy in a world that tells me I need surgery. We are compelled to learn to make ourselves feel attractive because as women its our divine mantra to beautify the world, whether that means tending a garden or decorating a home or making music…we seek beauty in all its manifestations. Some who look into this type of photography say all women given the opportunity can benefit from a pinup shoot. The author in this article calls all women to try a Pinup photo shoot just once. Dare you to give it a whirl?

To learn about this outfit and props, see my previous post: Bowling Bad

Pinup encourages a gal to own any side of her personality and express it in the way she dresses and presents herself, capturing the moment in photos. I’m full of life! Learning to embrace it and blend with another human is the current puzzle. Cheers to your journey, dear reader!



Speakeasy Photos

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