1955 Hudson Wasp Date

Who would like to ride in this car?! No other activity required, just take me for a ride!

This scene was originally designed to tell a story of a date, or rather of a couple in love. During the shoot I knew we couldn’t pull off more emotion beyond a first date impression, so instead of presenting “young love” or “new love” this is just what it is, two people enjoying a sweet ride. This shoot was meant to lay the foundation for an upcoming story, so keep your eyes peeled!

Suppose you need first see what the car looks like.

Apparently people tell Matt all the time his car is ugly. Imagine what some of us think about that. This sweet ride is one-of-a-kind in California, and much more appealing than modern cars, right?!

Car info…Matt found this 1955 Hudson Wasp in a ditch, or rather did someone in his community. He at first came to look at the car under the impression it was a different year. Not as sexy a year as what he wanted, but the body was so straight, he decided to take it.

Backseat, Baby! Which modern car actually has an appealing backseat for an adult? There’s Trevor helping out behind-the-scens.

So Spacious and Comfy

Time to get out and run around!

The front seat is where at least one person has to ride in order to get somewhere. Riding there is just as swell. Trevor actually drove us around the day of the shoot. I had such fun.

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: Matt Martin

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