People often ask me where is a good place to shop. Shopping karma can happen, or not, anywhere. Look many places online and brick and mortar as well. Friends’ closets also work. Though I must say if you are on a tight budget for both dollar and time, check out SammyDress¬†. A year or more ago I would have scoffed at such “cheap” made in China “crap”. But my lasses, a budget is a budget and most of what you find at modern stores is this same stuff with hiked prices. Sometimes, what matters more is how you wear it. I don’t support mass manufacturing of fashion like this, but if you’re going to do it, get it here instead of Macy’s. Second-hand stores and garage sales, etc. where vintage may be had can offer the best bang for your buck, but that is also a time and gas situation unless you belong to online communities who trade and sell. Meanwhile, also check out the Sacramento Antique Faire.¬†My ring is family heirloom, the purse and gloves are online community trade and shopping. I found my hat at Rack’s Boutique in Sacramento, and this coat at the Folsom Antique Fair. Happy hunting, dames.

Photos by Kyle O’Brien

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