Follow this blog any length of time, and soon learn I go back and forth recommending online shopping. I do admit the “affordable” options I told of in a previous post include the disadvantage of not trying on and therefore taking a loss ratio which for me at this point is a loss of 9/10 items ordered direct from overseas do not fit nor do they best compliment my body, and you get what is paid so don’t expect those garments to do anything for your figure. In fact, unless you look like Barbie the original, I do not recommend many options available on the silicone bodies pictured. Not trying to be a negative Nancy, just pointing out that for the chances I just delivered based on past experience, I could have had enough money to buy a garment from a local artisan or put toward a quality piece that would last for years and look stunning. I suppose we all can enjoy throw-away pieces made of cheap fabrics for a time, but what are we doing to the environment when we send such ill-made garments packing? The same chances I have with getting a good fit are the same each piece you toss to the donation pile has of landing in a dump somewhere. So I am being responsible and true to myself, then I will let go of the desire to have something new to wear every other week, and embrace or re-create what I already own and only add to my wardrobe collection responsibly. Shoo away that desire for novelty from without and embrace novelty from within. New pairings and creations with treasured pieces. Best fit always comes from working directly with the garment maker, or learning to sew and modify. The dress in this photo I stitched together in a garment construction class I took just before becoming pregnant with my son. I liked the basic piece so well that I made two, and six years later they are still relevant. Just like this vest I found at a clothing swap with friends. The booties are an indulgence with my favorite shoemaker, Irregular Choice. The feather hat and pink lucite jewelry as well as the pink leather gloves are all authentic vintage acquired online.

Basic pieces alongside favorites can mix and match for fun new looks, when we are daring enough to play with wardrobe and conjure a presence that is anything but basic. Again folks, its how you wear it. But also keep in mind some materials and garments, no matter your inner strength, can be a hindrance. Know your body and rock it. Discover inner peace between what you indwell and what you present, and getting dressed for the day can be a breeze. Sometimes, getting dressed begins with your shoes…or an accessory…or a mood. What inspires you?

Photos by Kyle O’Brien

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