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Shane and I enjoy Blues Fusion dancing weekly, and recently spent an entire weekend at a Justin Riley workshop. Icing on the cake at the end of it all: a social dance involving costumes! I love dress up: Vampire and his Prey. What do I love about Blues Fusion? Enjoying a beautiful, at times exciting and surprising conversation without a spoken word. Three minutes in time, and together a song is interpreted in kinisthetic motion. Something about that is satisfying, and yet addicting. No dance is ever the same, for in no given moment are two people ever the same. To dance well demands utter presence. Show up, spend some time with yourself, and walk away with healing or a deeper knowing. Whoever said. “life is beautiful” danced to music.

Dare You to Dance With Me?

Why of Course.

The Mad Hatter is Willing, but He Would Be, Wouldn’t He?

Much Gratitude For These Dances and Experiences With Connection.

Speakeasy Photos
MUA: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Lost Love

Choosing to love is choosing exposure to pain. Pain of separation may come in the form of death, but often it arrives by a choosing to leave by one party or the other. To some relationships, the pain of being together is greater than the pain of being apart in which case a “good riddance” stance may develop. For others, there’s a kind of love that does not leave the soul. It resides there, in the mind, will, and emotion, ready to come surging up at the hearing of a song, a poem, or some story told by another. That love may be stirred by a smell, a taste, a situation, a place, or otherwise inanimate objects. Such memory triggers are often dealt with and worked through by desensitization ’till days may again be embraced without constant reminders of loss. Conscious memories and their triggers may be massaged to neutral, yet nevertheless and perhaps most often, that love surges up in the still of night, when the mind most relaxes. Awake from that dream, with for a moment difficulty sorting reality. The object of your affections may be separated from you by death, but not always. Lost relationships hurt with equal force, broken bonds cut into the soul with similar pains.

Push down and otherwise distract to get through the moments, but at the end of those moments and even during them, a grieving process is reigning. Life is full of loss: relationship, role, income, physical ability. Learn to grieve well that you may live well.

*Side note: some of us develop emotional attachment to vehicles. Bond with them during enjoyable times shared with loved ones, or by spending hours working on them to create a desired outcome. Part with said vehicle, and spot it cruising around town only to have a sense of ownership or longing for what was shared in that vessel. Perhaps this is just an American thing. Most folks who have owned a special vehicle may relate? They can be as a family member, yes?

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: Matt Martin

Cool Patch Pumpkins

Cool Patch Pumpkins is our standing favorite patch to visit each Fall. We collect beautiful pumpkins and gourds for decorating September through November. A day or more on the farm is a sweet treat for the kids as well as myself. Special to visit where food and living stuff grows, and to support local farmers. We go at least twice each season.

This was the first year we entered the Guinness Book of World Records 60-acres corn maze. Two to Three hours to trample through nine and ten foot tall corn stalks. What a maze it was. Mind boggling in the dark as it were, and our team was fortunate to have Shane take the lead and find our way on the map. If you’re local, I encourage you to check out the experience sometime, guaranteed to be unique.

Excuse the photo quality, as these were taken with a little Sony while our camera was in the shop for repairs from damage at the “Waterfall” shoot.

Speakeasy Photos

1955 Hudson Wasp Date

Who would like to ride in this car?! No other activity required, just take me for a ride!

This scene was originally designed to tell a story of a date, or rather of a couple in love. During the shoot I knew we couldn’t pull off more emotion beyond a first date impression, so instead of presenting “young love” or “new love” this is just what it is, two people enjoying a sweet ride. This shoot was meant to lay the foundation for an upcoming story, so keep your eyes peeled!

Suppose you need first see what the car looks like.

Apparently people tell Matt all the time his car is ugly. Imagine what some of us think about that. This sweet ride is one-of-a-kind in California, and much more appealing than modern cars, right?!

Car info…Matt found this 1955 Hudson Wasp in a ditch, or rather did someone in his community. He at first came to look at the car under the impression it was a different year. Not as sexy a year as what he wanted, but the body was so straight, he decided to take it.

Backseat, Baby! Which modern car actually has an appealing backseat for an adult? There’s Trevor helping out behind-the-scens.

So Spacious and Comfy

Time to get out and run around!

The front seat is where at least one person has to ride in order to get somewhere. Riding there is just as swell. Trevor actually drove us around the day of the shoot. I had such fun.

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: Matt Martin

Mustang Days 2014

Mustang Days is held each year in the Fall at out local airport. Isn’t it always nice to attend an event less than five minutes from home? My first time sitting upon an airplane is photographed above!

The planes land and take off all day long. You’ve not seen so many grown men gazing up at the sky with faces, smiles and hearts of wee boys. The child comes out in lots of folks around such excitement, planes so near and personal.

Excitement is not limited to the air. Mustang cars as well as military land vehicles are on display as well. This 1941 Jeep is owned by Walt’s War Wagons boasting a fleet of 16 historic military vehicles, I say this is more than a hobby for these owners.

This Indian motorcycle, also WWII era, was manufactured then promptly shipped to New Zealand for the war effort. She made it back stateside after living much of her life as a modified civilian bike. A local gentleman got his hands on her to restore her to full vintage glory, now that’s passion.

Perhaps the most exciting, and certainly the largest military machinery we encountered was this B-25 Bomber, Tondelayo. Can you imagine riding in this firing pit at the nose? Two guns and exposed at all angles to the views, but also to the enemy in the case of historical servicemen. Want to know for real what it is like in there? For $475 you can lift off into the sky, crawl in and live it! Personally I get motion sick and will not be signing up for that thrill of a life anytime soon, though I fully support anyone who does.

Don’t you just want to cozy up close to those sexy propeller blades? Danger!

Careful, not too close now. These old planes spring leaks in random gushes. Never know when you may be splattered being that close.

After World War II about twenty percent of the women in WAC or WAAC remained in service. I could be wrong, I am going off memory there. However, I do know that in June 1948, coincidentally the same year as my car, a bill passed which made the Women’s Army Corps separate from the regular Army until 1978. Can you imagine? Women being in a totally separate army? Which is more fraught with political debate? Women serving in a separate Army,or serving alongside men in the same one? We know how that question ends, and historically I am sure there was a third option of no women serving at all. Have you seen recent archeological finds indicating that Viking women traveled and battled alongside Viking men in battle? Have you got it in you?

Know that I stand in front of and with whom? You’ll have to click on Shane’s site to see the bigger picture. What’s a war without enemies? I am posing with “the enemy”, now based out of San Jose, whose three-seat plane holds a pilot, navigator, and gunner. Triple threat, Yikes!

Most of the planes we enjoyed were actually 1950s era aircraft designed for post-war duty. My grandfather worked on such planes aboard aircraft carriers USS Saipan and USS Midway during the Korean War.

If you’ve not been to an airshow, I highly recommend it. Owners of these aircraft are interesting, to say the least, and the variety of air craft on display and in operation could make you pee your pants.

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

Bow Tie Revisited

Mustang Days at Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville is tomorrow, and that marks the one year anniversary Shane and I decided to pursue Pinup publicly. Tomorrow also marks the two year anniversary of my noticing that such communities exist. Discover what you love and are passionate about, and pursue it! Much joy is to be had in the journey, and side stops along the way may lead to even more adventures previously unimaginable. We have met so many interesting and lovely people, sharing a connection to art or history or Americana culture.

The hobby, this blog, and pursuit of pinup is a thrilling ride. Nearly a year in the making, however, the journey has left the bank broke. We love doing this, but want to bring in some funds on return in order to keep taking photos and funding our shoots. Shane and I have decided a first step toward helping this hobby pay for itself is to offer prints for sale to the public. Nearly 600 images have been published to this blog. We have comprised a gallery of top images available for purchase on all from paper to our favorite, metal! Please do tell if there’s an image you want to purchase but is not in the gallery and we will add it. Also, share our work and talk about what we are doing! We love this and I would very much like to continue. The next two weeks I have a full calendar of posts to publish, but come November I will be slowing back to one or two posts per week. A slow-down in change of pace may be just the answer. From our hearts to yours, thank you for sharing in this delightful journey. May it be long from over!

Embarrassingly enough, I donned this number with the dress piece on backward last time we shot it. Got it on straight this time! Authentic vintage from the estate of my historic body clone.

Speakeasy Photos
MUA: Alyssa Plough
Hair: Self

Raw Boudoir Practice

Request to create boudoir images, which Shane and I have NOT preciously dabbled, led to Monday night practice. Fresh out of the shower, hair air dried and face washed with zero makeup, we figured no one would ever see this first round. See, we haven’t read up on this style of photography just yet. Unlearned we thought to try by trial and error. I’d say we did well for a flippant practice run. Shane also got to experiment with different development techniques in Lightroom. We recently joined Model Mayhem, and most of the images on the site are “sexy” bedroom photos. We figure must be a requirement to have such a thing in the port. So why not? Anybody can do this really. Feels a bit watered down for my blog, but thought to clue you in on our journey with a fun break from our usual work. We have so much we never reveal…

Swanx Vallejo Car Show

Check out the floorboard! That’s right, baby! Grass!

Low-key fun in the sun day featuring a signature Vallejo breeze making the whole thing rather pleasant indeed. The Vallejo Elks Lodge made a gracious host with a lovely uncommon place to sit and as far as car shows go, this one was most comfortable. We met some characters! Sport, the gentleman who owns this 1953 Kaiser Deluxe, shared that he found this girl on eBay for $610 closing bid out of Kansas. We all agree to enjoy the way she has rusted, and the pin-stripping he added is simple beauty capturing my heart for favored car of the day. Sport says of his choice to grass the floorboard: “I like to feel the grass between my toes when I drive.” Brilliant!

I enjoy this pin-stripping on the back, and the hula girl matching the grass theme.

Shane broke his camera at a waterfall shoot some weeks ago, you may or may not one day see those images on this blog, so we snapped a few images with a little Sony. Excuse the quality while the real camera is at the shop.

Sport has no intention of altering his car’s aesthetic, a far cry or difference to this shiniest-car-of the day ruby red beauty!

She’s also shiny and reminds me of the central car in the show Bomb Girls. I would be thrilled to do a photo shoot with such a wonderful piece of history.

Check out this custom hood ornament! Story told below!

Back to rust! The gentleman who owns this truck and hood ornament tells me he pulled this gun out of his back field when clearing a fence. He thought it a fortunate find and had to mount it to his project car. We marvel at the history of the gun and why ever it was once buried. I’ve got to adore the personality true artists incorporate into whatever projects they set sight upon. This is my favorite story of the day.

I gave my four-year old the camera, and this was his first shot. Got to appreciate the perspective of short people

John also, appropriately, took this picture.

I like how the top is off, but the window frame remains. Sort of dystopian, which appeals at the moment.

Friends, I love these guys.

Matt Martin and Trevor Holmes made the trek down from Grass Valley to join this easy day. What a treat to roll down the road in caravan with Matt as well as my dad and his truck. Cruising is not nearly as pleasurable as the face time we enjoyed chatting with these friends for whom I have developed heart-felt affection.

We all agree this Lincoln could have won best of show. Very nice, and for sale as well if you can pay the price: best offer. Ready, go!

This is the image inside a white hot rod of a Swanx club member. Elegance even in the rear-view mirror and the image of Rita Hayworth tickles me.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Self

Pushrods & Pedal Cars Clothing Co.

Introducing creative mind and talent, Trevor Holmes

Did you notice something on my skin in the last post I published? That’s not something to be flaked off, and I did not get a tattoo. That is paint! Applied by the artist Trevor Holmes. Once upon a time, Trevor supported himself with his body paint art. He has ten years of experience, and all I can say to more encounters is a resounding yes, please! He has also been painting hot rods on canvas for fifteen years, among other canvas works for your viewing pleasure @HDAIRBRUSH. You may find shoes featuring Trevor’s spin on classic pinup girl sparrows. Trevor can often be found at local Northern California car events, check out the Pinstriper’s booth next time you attend show. Trevor and his seven and a half year old son are a team and have a clothing line, Pushrods & Pedal Cars. The clothing displays Trevor’s artwork. Regarding his son, Trevor declares “He’s my right hand man. He’s the real boss. He tells me what to paint.” Soon women’s clothing will also be available via Pushrods & Pedal Cars.

Trevor and I at Billetproof 2014. Check out the gas masks hanging in this truck, and remember them! They correlate to a planned shoot! Can you guess what it will be?

We met Trevor at the cemetery shoot we enjoyed with Matt some weeks ago. More images and stories from that day are coming at you this Fall/Winter! Trevor helped behind-the-scenes, showed us his work, and proved a formidable artist with whom to enjoy a flow of ideas. Trevor is a pleasure to work with and otherwise have around. Keep your eye out for more of his work soon to be released right here by yours truly. This will not be the last you hear of Trevor Holmes via The Pinup Pursuit.

Trevor and I could totally jam to Lindsey Stirling’s Thrift Shop, he is as much of a collector of found things as I.

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Artist Trevor Holmes