Mustang Days 2014

Mustang Days is held each year in the Fall at out local airport. Isn’t it always nice to attend an event less than five minutes from home? My first time sitting upon an airplane is photographed above!

The planes land and take off all day long. You’ve not seen so many grown men gazing up at the sky with faces, smiles and hearts of wee boys. The child comes out in lots of folks around such excitement, planes so near and personal.

Excitement is not limited to the air. Mustang cars as well as military land vehicles are on display as well. This 1941 Jeep is owned by Walt’s War Wagons boasting a fleet of 16 historic military vehicles, I say this is more than a hobby for these owners.

This Indian motorcycle, also WWII era, was manufactured then promptly shipped to New Zealand for the war effort. She made it back stateside after living much of her life as a modified civilian bike. A local gentleman got his hands on her to restore her to full vintage glory, now that’s passion.

Perhaps the most exciting, and certainly the largest military machinery we encountered was this B-25 Bomber, Tondelayo. Can you imagine riding in this firing pit at the nose? Two guns and exposed at all angles to the views, but also to the enemy in the case of historical servicemen. Want to know for real what it is like in there? For $475 you can lift off into the sky, crawl in and live it! Personally I get motion sick and will not be signing up for that thrill of a life anytime soon, though I fully support anyone who does.

Don’t you just want to cozy up close to those sexy propeller blades? Danger!

Careful, not too close now. These old planes spring leaks in random gushes. Never know when you may be splattered being that close.

After World War II about twenty percent of the women in WAC or WAAC remained in service. I could be wrong, I am going off memory there. However, I do know that in June 1948, coincidentally the same year as my car, a bill passed which made the Women’s Army Corps separate from the regular Army until 1978. Can you imagine? Women being in a totally separate army? Which is more fraught with political debate? Women serving in a separate Army,or serving alongside men in the same one? We know how that question ends, and historically I am sure there was a third option of no women serving at all. Have you seen recent archeological finds indicating that Viking women traveled and battled alongside Viking men in battle? Have you got it in you?

Know that I stand in front of and with whom? You’ll have to click on Shane’s site to see the bigger picture. What’s a war without enemies? I am posing with “the enemy”, now based out of San Jose, whose three-seat plane holds a pilot, navigator, and gunner. Triple threat, Yikes!

Most of the planes we enjoyed were actually 1950s era aircraft designed for post-war duty. My grandfather worked on such planes aboard aircraft carriers USS Saipan and USS Midway during the Korean War.

If you’ve not been to an airshow, I highly recommend it. Owners of these aircraft are interesting, to say the least, and the variety of air craft on display and in operation could make you pee your pants.

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