Dad’s Bop Entry Photos

I made mention of some vintage prom dresses acquired in anticipation of a pinup contest requiring contestants to wear authentic vintage gowns. Since the contest never occurred, and we were required to submit photos previously not published, I thought to share my photo entries here. Put them to use.
Above is my dad’s truck, Roger Driver, which I thought to be appropriate given the name of the event. I am wearing a Stop Staring play suit, put on my own makeup, and my mom french braided my hair. Below I am wearing authentic 1950s vintage frames acquired at the Sacramento Antique Faire, authentic 1950s vintage Simplicity dress acquired on OLL, and Irregular Choice Shoes. I sit upon a family heirloom chair with Nonnie’s authentic vintage table at my side which is topped with pieces from her collections as well as some mid-century magazines procured at the Sacramento Antique Faire. MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson. I chose these images for this collection based on the variety of hair and wardrobe styles, as well as presence of vehicles, as the weekend was meant to be focused on classic rides.

I figure a car pageant entry would not be complete without an image of my own ride. Unique Vintage dress and authentic vintage head topper which belonged to GiGi. MUAH: Self

Speakeasy Photos
Oh, and I just received news that I have been selected to participate in Miss Midnight Mass 2014 alongside nineteen other lovely ladies. Will I be cast as a good girl, or a bad girl?

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