Vintage Prom Part 1

I purchased this dress with hopes to participate in a pinup contest requiring the contestants to don a vintage prom gown. Shopping online, I decided to play it safe and order three. This is by far my favorite, though some of the lace needs to be re sewn and I ought to press the satin sash. I spent time creating photos to submit photos to the contest, perhaps I should now post them here. Tremendous efforts are made to put on events, and having one canceled brings renewed appreciation for the events that are a success. You must have planned a birthday party at some point in your life, imagine guests by the hundreds or even thousands, that party requires a team. Though I must admit, my family appreciates the downtime a canceled event provides. I think my kids are a bit young to appreciate most car shows or dances, and while I look forward to the day they enjoy such activities, I am grounded enough to discover family fun that speaks to my littles and meets them as they are, and as we parents as we are. Preschoolers are exhausting.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Shoes:Racks Boutique of Sacramento
Necklace: costume jewelry given to me by my Nana before she moved back to TN.

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