Dressing Under the Blacklight

Dressing for blacklight is out of the norm. Sure, order the neon eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polish that will glow. Tie up your hair with neon bands. Wear white…? Stop there. Let’s speak on some bulleted points as to what we discovered upon bringing a blacklight into my closet, then shooting in our home studio that which stood out. Learn from my vested time:

-Prioritize your time to polish your white shoes, if nothing else.
-White is nice, but neons really stands out as well.
-Leather does not pick up the blacklight, think about this with your shoes as well.
-Beware of dark colors, as you may not blend into the dark; detergent residue glows. Blacklight is an awesome way to discover stains in your fabrics as well, so test it out or bring a change and have a buddy look you over at the venue.
-Accessorize with bloomers, slips, socks and head scarfs/handkerchiefs that will glow as well. Again, whites and neons.
-White print on a dark background can look cool, but it can also fade and not pick up the light, depending upon how well lit the venue is.
-Super white top/bottom with the opposite bottom/top on the dark side looks a little funny. (dancing pants ??)
-My favorite looks of the day were the dresses: consistent top and bottom brightness.
-Tore up denim actually looks good! Especially with a white wife beater. Everybody can wear that!

Beware underwear may show through your clothes, and so may tags. Careful to dress all layers mindfully.

Don’t have all white? Patterns with flowers and such glow nicely as well, though all white will guarantee you are more visible perchance the lighting is not as sufficient as in the photo studio.

Light colored dresses, such as pale yellow and pale blue glow brightly.

Neon top stands out swimmingly, as does my nylon slip. Again, careful of undergarments and beware your teeth may also glow.

Who doesn’t own some tore up jeans? They glow like a charm! Head scarves and other hair accessories may also add a nice touch.

I love this vintage dress Megan found at her local thrift shop! Beautiful white glows!

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