Deliciously Dark Chocolate Decadence

Grand Finale! Certainly the most opulent piece of the day, this grand finale is perfect for a night club scene or Las Vegas…wherever the wearer may feel as a goddess of the night. I adore this hairpiece Daniel fashioned and its nod to vintage style. I would totally wear these to keep the hair out of my face! Paisley princess details affirm what I said from the start of this series: if I had a special occasion Daniel would certainly be hired to style it. Meanwhile, I shall continue enjoying my precious pumpkin walking art piece he made and be thankful for this encounter.

Behind-the-scenes look at Daniel Styling and positioning me throughout the day wearing his own creation. True designer obsession, he changed his own outfit at least three times during the shoot. Dress up is such fun! Those creative juices start flowing, and possibilities for fresh looks can be ceaseless. Those days that are opposite to not being able to find anything to wear….

Images by Samuel Nesbitt

Delicious dandies by Daniel Laukat

Scrumptious styling in this series:

Pumpkin Precious

Grapes, Anyone?


Crème Brûlée


Pretty in Pink

Flower Power/Woodstock

Bridal by Daniel

Light as a Feather

Designer Daniel Laukat

Bridal by Daniel

What happened to the Pinup piece of this publication?

Waking Up


The Pinup Pursuit is Complete

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