Designer Daniel Laukat

Daniel Laukat is a local Sacramento designer and maker of beautiful garments up-cycled with remnants salvaged from places where donated fabrics go just before they get thrown into landfills. Perhaps you have read the statistics to know that 80% of donated fabric items including clothing and household linens end up in our as well as other nations’ dumps. I enrolled in a sewing course in Bay Area’s CaƱada college six years ago, and department chair/professor Ronda Chaney promoted for students to re-work existing garments and other fabrics to fashion a look not only for the artful challenge, but to save the environment as well. When you think about the abundance of access to such material in this country, its just the responsible thing to do. Daniel is such a maker, and I admire how he was able to turn this table cloth into a beautiful wearable garment which drapes flatteringly to the body. This one is a bit oversized on my short stature for daily wear, but it certainly is a statement piece. Reduce, reuse, recycle; make old things new. What Daniel does with fabric is what many of us in classic car culture do with metal. A passion for taking care of what already exists and working with it is a thrilling challenge as more creativity is at times required, and each creation is indeed unique.

Samuel Nesbitt Photography

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