Pinup Girl Secret number five: hands. Mindfulness of where and how you position your phalanges can make or break your photo. First I tried enhancing my willingness to pose my hands for close-ups by having my nails done in red shellack. Ten years of wearing zero polish, a five year job at In-N-Out breaking early the adolescent habit, I decide to opt for a shellack manicure. For those unaware, shellack is a thick gel and must be set under a dryer. It’s thick and lasts two weeks! Bargain as opposed to the regular stuff, right? Not so much. I remove mine shy of two weeks in order to participate in that fashion show a few weeks back. My nails for weeks after are brittle, bending backwards, ugly, and not the same healthy pretty natural thing I previously had going. Not sure how long until they’re back to raw beauty, but in the meantime I have a marvelous solution! Said fashion show also revealed how ugly and elephant-like the skin on my hands can be. Ready? Gloves! Yes, I own several for winter, but I’m talking dainty mid century ladylike driving gloves, evening gloves, day gloves like mom bought us for Easter gloves. Reproductions are available, but true vintage pieces are also readily available thrift shopping or online from another’s thrift acquisitions. They can get pricey, but much of the time they’re less expensive than a manicure, even one that lasts two weeks! Wash and wear for decades. Secret confession: I LOVE driving my ’48 whilst wearing my gloves. I feel fabulous and like a vintage starlet when I do it. Old soul here, checking in.

Special thanks to Rockin Rigatoni of Bad Bones Photography who during my shoot, won at the Miss Sweetheart Jamboree contest co-hosted by The Atomic Angels and The Luscious Ladies, encouraged me to be aware of hands.

Images: Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Self
Authentic Vintage hat inherited from GiGi

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