My birthstone is an emerald, my zodiac a bull and I’ve the temper and stubborn disposition to back it. Last year of my twenties. First birthday I actually feel old, or at least like a bona fide adult. My friends tell me thirty hits and it’s all downhill: wrinkles, weight gain, worries…about retirement? I have to wonder, do we gain weight after thirty because 1) we have money and can afford to eat now 2) metabolism legitimately slows 3) settled in life enough to really enjoy all parts, and food indulgence can be an easy way to do that 4) many of us had kids by now and stress of caring for littles can lead to mindless eating, or at least eating for comfort instead of nutrition. Here’s to hoping all my lovely threads fit me this time next year and the year after that and the year after that. Perhaps one of these days would be a good time to pick back up weekly swing dancing a.k.a. the only exercise I’ve ever stuck with longer than a week ; )
Oh, and my goal by this time next year is to grow a tail.

Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Model’s own
Top constructed by Jackie Rodriguez of Southern CA acquired through OLL Swap on Facebook, high waist shorts by Rocksteady Clothing, real cowboy boots owned so long I’ve no clue where I picked them up, local or Nashville?
Hat: courtesy Cattleman’s and while they serve scrumptious deep fried apple pie, nothing beats FREE Best-Cheesecake-in-the-world at Tahoe Joe’s

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