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The internet is a lovely tool. For a time, I was purchasing authentic vintage pieces with fervor from a Facebook group (!?) with members the world over. Said site also allows seamstresses to post newly made clothing articles, drafted from vintage patterns. One such amazing creator is Cassandra Cadillac, purvayor of vintage fashion at WearthatDress on Etsy. She made some jumpsuits for other girls and I decided to take a chance and have one made as well, intent on matching some beautiful but difficult-to-pair shoes. My garment, made in Italy by a German gal educated in England (!) arrived some weeks later and I was floored with the top quality construction. I measured a few parts of my body too generously, so if we order another jumpsuit I would take in some measurements here and there. Overall, this jumpsuit is not only chic and vintage, but comfortable as well! I love how when something is made to my own measurements, points of interest such as length which are normally an odd fit to my petite frame, are perfection. Quality seamstress, quality garment, and I am oh-so happy with my purchase. Experiences like this make me say. “Ready-to-wear, never again! Tailor made for me from now on!”
Here I have attached a hair bow on my chest to match the bows on these shoes.

These jumpers feature a back zip and offer much maneuverability.

Here are the difficult-to-match shoes and I am holding my authentic vintage sunshades as well as a lovely vintage purse procured in Midtown Sacramento

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MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson

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