Rumble in the Gold Country II

Vintage trailers are rather popular right now. The owners of this one were kind enough to allow our entry. Cute ’50s style design.

Present as well were some interesting characters, like this guy.

I like his facial hair, hat, and smoke.

I found this lacy paint detail lovely.

Gotta eat, Tasty Dog Ice Cream

How cute is this little business? These folks have style, as well as attention to detail, and serve yummy treats! Apologies for the over-exposed image. Pinup girl lesson: hats cover a bad hair day and keep the sun rays off delicate skin, but also create shadows over the face. Supposing that could be a benefit should you experience a “bad face” day.
Check out this hood ornament.

White walls and check out that pin-stripping on the hood of this Plymouth. Notice everyone staying shaded from the sun? The name of the game at an all-day long car show!

I dig on white wall tires. I do not think they go with my rims, so I did not bother looking when we replaced our tires a while back. If rims were not so pricey to replace, I may have considered it with the goal to restore the car back to more authentic condition. It is what it is.

Shane and I met another Pinup photographer. Thanks to Jason Zufelt of Outlaw Photography, we finally got an interior shot in the front seat of my car. I wanted to wait for a different steering wheel, but here we are!

Jason had some great tips for us. He also told us about a group which we were previously unaware. They are Outlaw Pinups. We are curious to learn more and will fill you in once we get all these Pinup groups figured. Then again, made up of notoriously mysterious women, can these groups be figured?

Defenders members had their cars lined up front and center to enjoy the myriad of guest bands. This is a fun grill, Cash Bobby Dickson’s ride, and I like the blue hue in the paint color.

This our second car show, and first attempt to get real images at a car show. On-location shooting is still a different animal for us. Behind the Scenes

As you can see, a private shoot with a car turns out a better shot as it can eliminate background distractions. We had fun learning anyway.

Later I enjoy the front seat of Defender AJ Smith’s 1957 Lincoln Premiere. Rare gem indeed, boasting power windows including the wing windows as well as six way power seats, factory rear A/C and air purifying system.

I am enamored with his interior: the seat and headliner upholstery, dashboard pin stripping, the steering wheel. AJ has done all the work himself, except for Pinstripes by Kellie Kandystriper and upholstery by Sierra Custom Upholstery. See my shoes through the window? I was careful!

Couldn’t spend enough time in that front seat. I did not start up the original 368 Y-block. Cannot express how sweet is this ride! I am interested to view how Outlaw photographer Jason’s shots compare with what we got from the experience.

Hate to see you leave, don’t mind watching you go.

Another interestingly styled vintage trailer…
I’ve heard rumors about this trailer from Reno, but I wouldn’t know anything about it. Not my thing.

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