Black light Experiment

Whatever do we look like under the black light?

We have a black light Fusion dance approaching this weekend. The question to every themed dance: whatever will I wear? Clothing excites me. I can spend hours looking at clothes and dreaming up outfits in person or on the interwebs. I enjoy this work. The ensemble seen here I threw together in a matter of minutes, poking about my closet and popping the tags on a pair of fishnets I received as a consolation prize for participating in the Miss Billietproof contest. The underwear garter belonged to my mom, also an enthusiastic wardrobe procurer, purchased in the 1980s she handed down to me tags still attached. I keep a box of ill-fitting bras, which is rather abundantly supplied these five years of constant pregnancy and breast feeding, where I found the bra. My head piece and gloves were purchased from the Sacramento Antique Faire months ago, the dance shoes I found at a store closing sale. Total cost to me for all I am wearing: less than $30. That’s neither here nor there, I think it looks amazing under the black lights. All that being said, I am not about to wear it to a dance. My next post I will reveal what I learned during our experiment dressing under the black light. The first cool thing about this shoot? MUAH was running a brush through it. We shot this just before bedtime, clean face is my personal favorite just as we did with this Raw Boudoir Practice a few months ago.

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