Photoshop: The Way That You Do It

Camera angles, lighting, and costume choice do much to flatter a gal’s form. Less desirable skin marks may yet remain. Women work hard and play hard, resulting in scrapes and bruises. A few bangs can incorporate to a pinup shot as a “whoopsie” as often found in the works of Gil Elvgrin. Other times, bruises can be created by makeup in order to tell a story. That’s an aim of a classic pinup shot, to tell a story. When a scrape or a bruise detracts from that story, tools likened to Photoshop offer an opportunity to alter. Thus far, we have not utilized such tools.

The Vintage Doll recently posted a bit on Photoshop. She mentions her pregnancy stretch marks and how their appearance would take away from the purpose of her photos, such as selling lingerie. When you think about it, Gil Elvgrin was the original photoshop king, elongating his subjects’ legs and making other enhancements as seen in these before and after pictures.

Aware of the tools, we never thought much to use them, until we ordered a large aluminum print of a recent photo. A scrape on my wrist is obvious, and now we have conceited to allow ourselves the use of such tools on such occasion as a bruise or scrape. An art form on its own I’m sure the skill will prove handy as we are hopeful to photograph other wives and mothers desiring flattering images to hang on the wall.

Home Front

Curious to learn more about the Atomic Angels, we are likely to make a few more appearances on the Pinup scene. For now my family demands my attention. Noses to wipe, kisses and cuddles to enjoy. This blog and occasional photo shoots shall remain a fun diversion. My editing process is to hand write notes, type, review and stew for a bit, then go through photos and make pairings. Two littles equal publish dates in waves. That’s just how my life goes right now, but I’m thinking of it rather often and this remains a truly entertaining and multifaceted hobby.

WWII Gents

I’ve heard of Civil War reenactments, but World War Two? Apparently, yes. Some groups focus on the Spanish American War or even Viet Nam. I heard about this at Sacramento’s most resent Free Museum Day. The Aerospace Museum is wonderful and another visit is owed. I spoke on this crowded day with some fellows, one gal included, dressed in WWII military apparel representing the WWII Military Commemorative Association. I’m still not sure what makes folks want to relive a battle. One bloke in the group wore German military garb. Folks from Reno to SF plan online then gather to a place in the woods and play it all out, taking a few snap shots along the way. I would be curious to attend one such event. Perhaps the military trucks on display at Nut Tree’s Mustang Days participate, I will ask them next October. Male counterparts to all this are out in the world enjoying a piece of history in their own way, aside from car show fellas and rockabilly buddies. Curious to research differentials if any exist between what we referred to growing up as “greasers” and the rockabilly explosion.

The dress in this photo is a reproduction, the jacket is authentic and my first real vintage garment that wasn’t passed down. Women’s vintage reproduction clothing is relatively easy to come by even in your local mall. Companies abound in Southern California where vintage styles are produced anew and in coming posts I will talk about some of those companies and what to look for online should you be interested in making a purchase.

WWII Jacket

Authentic WWII military issue coat I picked up at the Sacramento Antique Faire, and what a find that it actually fits! A hat would be swell, yet even alone what a piece of history! This gal served as a Technician Corporal in the Ninth District (Western States). That’s all I know about her, and that she wore a size 12R. I have zero military experience so I hope those credentials were stated correctly. Looked up the patches in a search engine. Presently to complete the look with an authentic uniform and footwear is costing about $400 on eBay, on another day it may be closer to $200. Out of today’s budget even if finding the right size is a gem.

My First Professional Shoot

I have so so much to learn, or rather so much to practice. I’m not sure if I’m into myself enough to do much beyond our home studio stuff. Models aim to have a collection of flattering facial expressions but also to learn how to angle the face and body toward the camera in ways equally pleasing. When a Pinup girl is at an event and receives photo requests, she has one shot to work it. An entire generation is well versed, thanks to FaceBook selfies, and if I may add all they know how to do, yet I never joined that parade and seems so self-obsessed. A photo shoot here and there is fun, but a lifestyle or public persona out of it? Not for me.

Makeup and Hair courtesy Brittany Jane
Photo courtesy Bad Bones Photography


Music has been said to be the sound of emotion. If that is true, then my black brother’s bellow captures sorrow in the most beautiful way possible. I’m a Christian and believe in eternal glory. Death is no victor, and yet we heave in pain as a generation fades.

My photo shoot tomorrow and prepping for it suddenly seems so silly in light of the day’s events. So much family and love, they or rather we are what and who matter most in this life.

One Glad Morning We’ll Meet Again

My photo shoot is three days away, but today and tomorrow I have services to attend in honor of my Nonnie’s passing. She lived and danced the era we love, as did my husband’s Gramma who passed a little over one year ago. Both women’s lives serve as inspiration to live full throttle – dance at every chance, take care of thyself, and dress to impress! “LUV”

More Props

Photo props can readily be found about your current living space, once you get an eye for what to spot. The Sacramento Antique Faire for me is a gold mine! We have a car load of lovely new pieces to use in our next two photo shoots and I’m delighted to share! A bit of elbow grease, and we will be ready for the camera! I want to go back to the Faire next month, not only to hunt for more photo prop treasures, but to interact with the people! Our online wardrobe shopping experience with stores and individual eBay sellers was fine, but there’s just something in walking about, holding things, and more importantly interacting with folks in an experience that isn’t found at big box stores. The sellers’ shops can offer that personal experience every day they’re open, but it’s also pretty special to have them all in one convenient location. Nearly everyone we see leaving the event has broad smiles and an armful of new-to-them treasures.

What’s In A Name

Winning that contest, however real or trivial, a photo shoot is in my near future. This is real and public. Do I use my real name and personal Facebook page? Or a fake name I hatched months ago on a drive to Monterey? Bourbon Ann Waters. I’d like to keep it separate, but what’s the point? Privacy cannot be achieved, but it can be attempted. I like the pseudo name for published photos. My hair has a bourbon-esque color which is why I initially chose it, but once I read about the beverage on Wikipedia, it has to be my psudoname. Bourbon is a uniquely American beverage first made in the Southeastern United States by Scottish immigrants, my ancestors, and we still have family in East Tennessee. It requires six years or more to distill, and my husband and I celebrated our six years of marriage weeks before winning the contest. I love drinking water, and it so happens the two liquids go together!


What is a nearly twenty-nine year old housewife and mother of two littles doing on this pursuit? Quarter life crisis? Perhaps the same reason the early-twenties version of myself went social swing dancing every week for months – because it is FUN. I enjoy every bit of it: the costumes, the nod to days gone by, meeting folks….