What’s In A Name

Winning that contest, however real or trivial, a photo shoot is in my near future. This is real and public. Do I use my real name and personal Facebook page? Or a fake name I hatched months ago on a drive to Monterey? Bourbon Ann Waters. I’d like to keep it separate, but what’s the point? Privacy cannot be achieved, but it can be attempted. I like the pseudo name for published photos. My hair has a bourbon-esque color which is why I initially chose it, but once I read about the beverage on Wikipedia, it has to be my psudoname. Bourbon is a uniquely American beverage first made in the Southeastern United States by Scottish immigrants, my ancestors, and we still have family in East Tennessee. It requires six years or more to distill, and my husband and I celebrated our six years of marriage weeks before winning the contest. I love drinking water, and it so happens the two liquids go together!

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