Stepping Out

Living well presents opportunity to step out of¬†comfort zones. Why not do it in style? Not much is more stylish than well-fitting clothes. Everyone’s¬†fabulous in a good fit…gloves, hat, shoes, dress, and yes the ultimate well-fitted overcoat. How often do you find a coat of perfect shoulder width, arm length, and sweep? Makes you look, and feel like a million bucks. When you feel that good, any step outside comfort zones is more manageable.

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER: This series is photographed by my friend, Kyle. We met a decade ago swing dancing at Midtown Stomp. If you know or meet Kyle in person this may be cause for you to cock your head to the side and ponder. Kyle has been wheel chair bound since adolescence. Yes, he can still dance! He has Spina Bifida, a word I first heard when the first of my friends was pregnant with her first child and received prenatal diagnosis. Her son is now the same age Kyle was when a spinal surgery went sideways. Kyle is an amazing man of faith and is planning a wedding this year. Belief will take you miles beyond what may have hoped or dreamed. Believe.

Photos by Kyle O’Brien

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