More Props

Photo props can readily be found about your current living space, once you get an eye for what to spot. The Sacramento Antique Faire for me is a gold mine! We have a car load of lovely new pieces to use in our next two photo shoots and I’m delighted to share! A bit of elbow grease, and we will be ready for the camera! I want to go back to the Faire next month, not only to hunt for more photo prop treasures, but to interact with the people! Our online wardrobe shopping experience with stores and individual eBay sellers was fine, but there’s just something in walking about, holding things, and more importantly interacting with folks in an experience that isn’t found at big box stores. The sellers’ shops can offer that personal experience every day they’re open, but it’s also pretty special to have them all in one convenient location. Nearly everyone we see leaving the event has broad smiles and an armful of new-to-them treasures.

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