WWII Gents

I’ve heard of Civil War reenactments, but World War Two? Apparently, yes. Some groups focus on the Spanish American War or even Viet Nam. I heard about this at Sacramento’s most resent Free Museum Day. The Aerospace Museum is wonderful and another visit is owed. I spoke on this crowded day with some fellows, one gal included, dressed in WWII military apparel representing the WWII Military Commemorative Association. I’m still not sure what makes folks want to relive a battle. One bloke in the group wore German military garb. Folks from Reno to SF plan online then gather to a place in the woods and play it all out, taking a few snap shots along the way. I would be curious to attend one such event. Perhaps the military trucks on display at Nut Tree’s Mustang Days participate, I will ask them next October. Male counterparts to all this are out in the world enjoying a piece of history in their own way, aside from car show fellas and rockabilly buddies. Curious to research differentials if any exist between what we referred to growing up as “greasers” and the rockabilly explosion.

The dress in this photo is a reproduction, the jacket is authentic and my first real vintage garment that wasn’t passed down. Women’s vintage reproduction clothing is relatively easy to come by even in your local mall. Companies abound in Southern California where vintage styles are produced anew and in coming posts I will talk about some of those companies and what to look for online should you be interested in making a purchase.

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