Photoshop: The Way That You Do It

Camera angles, lighting, and costume choice do much to flatter a gal’s form. Less desirable skin marks may yet remain. Women work hard and play hard, resulting in scrapes and bruises. A few bangs can incorporate to a pinup shot as a “whoopsie” as often found in the works of Gil Elvgrin. Other times, bruises can be created by makeup in order to tell a story. That’s an aim of a classic pinup shot, to tell a story. When a scrape or a bruise detracts from that story, tools likened to Photoshop offer an opportunity to alter. Thus far, we have not utilized such tools.

The Vintage Doll recently posted a bit on Photoshop. She mentions her pregnancy stretch marks and how their appearance would take away from the purpose of her photos, such as selling lingerie. When you think about it, Gil Elvgrin was the original photoshop king, elongating his subjects’ legs and making other enhancements as seen in these before and after pictures.

Aware of the tools, we never thought much to use them, until we ordered a large aluminum print of a recent photo. A scrape on my wrist is obvious, and now we have conceited to allow ourselves the use of such tools on such occasion as a bruise or scrape. An art form on its own I’m sure the skill will prove handy as we are hopeful to photograph other wives and mothers desiring flattering images to hang on the wall.

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