Broke Down

Being a girl is so much fun!

Oh no, we broke down again!

Do you ever feel life has left you broke down? Again? We break down, take inventory, assert the problem, then set to work at fixing it. Sometimes the work is life-long. Sometimes the work is ending a relationship, be it a job, a role we are playing, or a habit formed. Change is perceived as loss and is painful, but without pain we will not change and grow. Careful as to the type of pain you allow to continue in your life. Is it change to grow you for the better? Or the kind that needs to be cut off? If you find yourself broke down, take that inventory seriously. Speak with people who genuinely care for your well-being, and consider reading some books.
Recommended reading: Changes that Heal; Daring Greatly
Seek other reading material specific to your current battles. We have a library of relationship books on how to make marriage work. I’ve invested hours, dollars, and self-searching only to learn last month that Shane has Aspergers Syndrome. Traditional marriage counseling and advice will not work for us. We need very specific help and are seeking it. Do I regret the time I put into building relationship tools and self-awareness? Not at all. Work on yourself is always worth the returns.

We can handle ourselves.

Last time we broke down.
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