And Now Your Watch Has Ended

My favorite character in Game of Thrones is Jon Snow, has been from episode 1. I am rooting for him. This jacket was meant to be the final installment of the three authentic vintage outerwear pieces promised. Alas, I have developed a deep affinity for vintage fur and have since purchased many more pieces with no plans of stopping. Look out, World, the danger and beauty of fur and its opulence is here to stay! I recently discovered a new-to-the-area Antique shop whose owner also has store in Reno. She specializes in acquiring fur, if for no other reason than supplying Burners. Every year travelers mecca to Burning Man, seeking furs to keep them warm during the cool nights on the playa. My MedSpa nurse also recently testified to the unequaled warmth provided by her fur coat, gifted to her by a sister who relocated from New York to Florida. Keep warm like the animals!

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