Our Pinup Debut Tomorrow

Family friendly SPCA benefit party hosted by the Atomic Angels and Luscious Ladies, my family and I prepare to attend. My husband pin curls my hair in the sound booth at our church’s Saturday night service, yes while running the board. He takes in stride piffy comments thrown by other members of the media/production team. His answer? This is what a good husband does. My answer? Mama made him promise if he marries me, then he has to learn to do my hair. My mind wonders about the Atomic Angels and Luscious Ladies: Who are these ladies? What is the scene like? Is this for us? Will it be oversexualized? Will they be a bunch of seeking singles? Creepers? WIll we jive? Our first real pinup contest, should we join in or just spectate? Our resolve is that we are simply checking it out.

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