Model’s Block?

My husband takes my photos, and the last three shoots we have done have been rather disappointing. 🙁
Pinup contest season is here, and images are required for preliminary entry. I feel we don’t have much to submit and will need to get to work on some more shoots soon if we are going to make it through the season. Perhaps our issue is we have migrated from studio to “on location” and haven’t quite hit a stride nor mastered lighting. Feeling disappointed and rather bummed at the thought of our photos being scrutinized where it matters. Those are some pretty prizes worth winning. Our hobby is slowly becoming a little more work than anticipated.

I lost baby weight since our big wardrobe purchase, and my dresses are not as flattering, but not loose enough to alter. Time to sell my stock and get new inventory, and I am obsessed with shopping for authentic pieces right now! The pinup pursuit is bottled up and about to explode, we shall see what comes of this shaking.

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