What is the appeal of pinup for women? Curves. Do those ignite discomfort similar to a carsick backseat passenger on a winding mountainous road? Flip through Vogue, and you are almost guaranteed to view one body type: long and lean. Stick figures is what comes to mind when pondering peddlers of today’s fashion. In real life, women have shape and need to think a harder about what to put on and how to best dress their unique lines. Pinup portrait posing similarly finds a beautiful curve and celebrates it. Women are not designed for low body fat percentages. Real is attractive. Fake and fantasy incubate unreal expectations and enormous disappointment. Pinup styling allows a woman to be true and to celebrate what makes her body interesting. Pinup is more “glamor” than everyday, but has much to offer in capturing an attractive angle and celebrating unique curves of the posing model. Pinup is a space in modeling where a gal with meat on her bones is even oft preferred. Think about that.

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