Pinup Girl secret number four, as revealed by the Pinup Pursuit: false eyelashes! I know it seems so “old lady” but that’s because it’s vintage! It works! Gotta have the eyes! Who knew eyelashes could come in so many shapes, colors, and now with accessories such as tiny bows and rhinestones?! The sky is the limit, choose your style and make sure you glue them on right. Helpful hint: allow the glue to dry for a bit and get tacky on the lash before applying, and use a nail tool with a tip to assist with position. Mine were crooked the last couple times, so it takes practice. Many lashes claim to be usable up to six months and last longer if you don’t put mascara over them. However, I tend to get about two applications out of my lashes before feeling the need to toss in the trash. Where to buy? Drug store, beauty supply, dollar store, and of course Amazon is the best value and my personal favorite!

Photo Credits:
Speakeasy Photos
MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Swimsuit: OFABZ swimwear

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