Getting Ready

Pinup Culture calender for Sacramento boasts many events in the coming weeks. I’m excited for my second car show with the ’48 at Rumble in the Gold Country. Three pageants are also around the corner: Dad’s Queen of the Bop Contest June 21, Miss Rockabilly Riot the following weekend, and Miss Midnight Mass in July, the premiere pageant to take in Northern California featuring cash prizes in addition to a photo shoot! From what I can tell, Midnight Mass is the event local Rockabilly and Pinup folk plan for throughout the year. Winning any of these pageants means representing and advertising for that event all year long. I made entries to all three, though Miss Rockabilly Riot wanted entries by May 1 and I found out about the event after that date. My entry was, of course, rejected so I may try again next year to plan ahead. For now, attending Grass Valley’s Rumble in the Gold Country without pressure of contest will be a treat, and we hope to take lots of photos. Dad is unable to bring his truck, but I look forward to seeing his buddy’s vintage motorcycle!

Speakeasy Photos
No makeup, put the curlers in myself last night
Vintage robe, magazine, and radio acquired Sacramento area Antique Faires.
Vintage table inherited from Nonnie
Vintage blow dryer acquired OLL vintage swap and sell on Facebook

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