Baby weight down, time to look for new swimwear. Late enough in the season, perhaps the best move is to wait for sales at the end of it. Now, do I want authentic vintage, or a newbie?! Anyone know of a custom swimwear maker?
Let’s talk about sweat, baby, let’s talk…I have a friend from Burlingame, since she’s from there and has her Master’s degree she is a totally legit source, right? Anyway, she told me once while carpooling to our women’s discipleship group, that when people sweat it releases pheromones. Simply summarized, the smell of certain people’s sweat is actually attractive to certain other people. In theory, smelling your spouse’s body odor would act as an aphrodisiac or mating call, or at least not be a turn off. What do you all say? You dig the sweat smell on some folks, but not on others? Apparently there are types of smells aka Pheromones which attract certain mates and repel others. What is your experience? I do not mind the smell of my own sweat. Heehee. The theory makes sense though, right, being that a certain mating act increases sweat secretion. You better be diggin’ that smell. Were mates better matched before soaps and deodorants could hide our true colors? Keep in mind also that smell is one of the most powerful memory triggers, and therefor an element of bonding. Think about it.

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MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Swimsuit: Authentic vintage purchased on OLL Facebook group

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  1. It’s an interesting theory. I don’t know the answer to. I dance often and sweat. But I also wear cologne and change my shirts often. More out of courtesy for the girls I dance with; they don’t deserve a sweaty guy to dance. I don’t consciously smell sweat on others when I dance. Occasionally, one person’s sweat/odor is enough to drive me to mostly dance moves that keep us distanced.

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