Asian Dress 2

Anime, anyone? The yellow Asian dress, one of three I purchased from the lovely Bunny Rocket in Southern California. These gorgeous handmade dresses, however top quality the stitching and craftsmanship of the 1950s home sewer who stitched them together, were stored folded up. Shane stands by his original sentiment that it ought to be a crime to fold vintage clothes except for the brief time they are in transit. This dress fits as if painted on, and in some opinions may be too snug on my bod. I certainly could not dance in this, nor pick up my children. Loaded with snaps, I need help in and out of it. Lovely show piece, but for me this silk beauty is just that, a beauty without much use. My shoulders are a bit broad, and this was made for a tinier lady than I. Eventually this dress may one day be for sale. I simply adore the bird over the chest. Do you see his eye looking back at you? Yellow is also simply a lovely color that would not show correctly on a white back drop, hence our choice of the black back drop. I am wearing Nonnie’s ring my mom inherited, the last ring my Papa Ken gave her before he passed from lung cancer six years ago. I loved that man, a Viet Nam Veteran and doting grandfather even though we were not his by blood. That’s a man.

My makeup is thin, because we went dancing after taking these pictures and I do not like heavy makeup when I dance, I need no makeup or light makeup to be most comfortable. Lindy hop and Charleston are very athletic dances. Hence my hair is best pulled out of my face as well as the face of whomever I may happen to be twirling about the dance floor. The heavy makeup and heat combination has me concerned for Saturday’s Midnight Mass pageant. I will be wearing caked on makeup in hundred degree weather, because that is what shows best in pictures as well as on stage. Lord help us.

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