What Is Going Down?

I receive through the grapevine critical feedback regarding the recent onslaught of couple posts and images we produce. The notion to incorporate a man into my photos was hatched while speaking with a friend who happens to be a multi-award-winning car owner. A few weeks before Midnight Mass, we are chatting about show prep and he shares with me some stories about having his car photographed then inquires more about what it is like for the model and photographer. Consorting and exploring the experiences flows into an agreement to produce a shoot then I suggested we invite him to actually take a picture with his own car, why not? That night, I sleep on the notion and come up with three story lines to attempt to photograph, because Pinup and other photography is meant to tell a story. What story do we want to tell? You will find out, as our schedules permit this coming weekend as the day, six weeks out from the original plan. Keep your eyes peeled for Matt Martin and his handy work!

Plans with Matt fresh on my brain, Shane and I set out to Blues dance for the first time at the Firehouse 5 on the Sunday before Mass. Last dance of the night, and I spy a mysteriously dark and handsome gentleman keeping to himself in the corner. Why not? I ask for a dance and comment on his “Rockabilly” or Greaser style then during small talk plan to ask if he will attend Mass, but he beats me to it! Seven years in a row has he attended. I’m excited to continue the conversation, alas the last song of the night is constant partner switch. We gratefully land one another to finish the song. He delivers the information that he as well is a pinup model. I am floored and after the dance, I introduce Gravy to Shane and we enamor over the pictures he shows on his phone. We exchange information, and plan to meet up at Midnight Mass. You’ve all seen the images of our first shoot with Out-Law Photography. Brilliant. We meet up, enjoy the twenty minute shoot, and chat afterward. We like the images and experience so much, we make plans for another shoot and two weeks later we produce Cabaret, out of which I consider to pull out three good images as lucky. We pull twenty-six. I like the way we work together. We plan another shoot at the beach, and get yet another land fall ensues.

What’s going on? We enjoy photo shoots and have fantastic chemistry. We look good together and flow together naturally. I like the images we produce. Shane hesitates that what we are putting out is not “Pinup”. What is Pinup? An image informally hung that somebody wants to look at. We are not married to a set ideal of Pinup nor to producing a confined box of images that have to be a certain way. I enjoy vintage-inspired fashion. Shane enjoys taking pictures. This blog is named The Pinup Pursuit not because I plan to achieve perfect Pinup images, whatever that looks like, but because we are on a journey. We explore my adoration of vintage fashion, Shane’s photography fetish, and how all can play out in community. This is a pursuit as in we may never reach a set destination. Exploration always, and anyone interested is welcome to enjoy our pursuit of images you’d want to pin on the wall.

Check us out this coming Monday in Old Town Sac for Americana weekend. We look forward to participating via the California Auto Museum. American Style, this is going to be a day of eye candy!

Special announcement: Plans for the next car show and pageant are to participate in BillitProof in Antioch at the end of September.

Speakeasy Photos
Hair: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Suit by Bernie Dexter
Purse and shoes pinstriped by Doctor D Originals

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