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Matt and his truck

Matt built built this truck. He started the project when he was twenty years old, took some years off, and had a finished product at age twenty-five. He and I are now both twenty-nine. I cannot say that I have built such a masterpiece yet in my life. I admire what Matt has accomplished. I can appreciate the job he did sand blasting and doing the body work on the 1947 cab, as I watched my father do similarly to his 1953 Chevy cab. It is a ton of work to take that on as a home project. Matt was asked what he wanted anyone looking at his truck for the first time to know and here is his response:

Its chopped five and channeled six and the frame is kicked 5. Engine and transmission are 65 401 Buick and Turbo 400 Grille is 36 sectioned four inched. Bed is late 1940s Chevy that shortened and narrowed. 1948 Ford tailgate, 1937 Ford tail lights, gas tank is out of a boat, and rims are original 1940 Ford, steering original 1947 Ford.

When he starts this thing, is anyone else swooning?

I think we need to take a picnic. Throw down that blanket.

I’m not sure in this image which end of the truck is hotter…

Matt and I will both have our cars at Billetproof in Antioch Saturday, September 20. I will be in the pageant which will entertain the crowd in the afternoon. Say “hello” if you see either of us out there!

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: Matt Martin

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