What Oil?

Matt’s neighbor is a vintage oil and car enthusiast. He owns a cache of related memorabilia, much of which is in mint condition. I would love to shoot here again. So much eye candy! I love how so much of what is in his garage matches my top.

For those of you who really know me, I have tummy issues. Delivering a nearly ten pound second child wreaked havoc on my belly button which has not returned to its original state, and I have some stretch marks as well as loose skin. I’ve spoken previously about loving high-waited garments for this very reason. The day I grabbed this last-minute outfit, I was not even thinking about my new jeans being low riders. Whoops. We had to roll with it. Shane encouraged me to publish these images. Here I am in all my child-bearing aftermath glory. My friend, Diana, reminds me that pregnancy impact to our bodies are beauty marks for having grown, nurtured, and given life.

So what sort of oil should I use?

Did I mention that Matt actually makes his own hair grease? That’s correct, ladies and gents, hair grease home brew. That’s bad ass.

This One

More garage images and more Matt.

Engine Work

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: Matt Martin

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