Alright, something I haven’t talked about and been meaning to discuss. I first released images from this beach series and received favorable feedback regarding my makeup. I applied it myself, which was a huge confidence breakthrough with regards to photography. A fun little secret I’m sure Gravy won’t mind me sharing is that the day of this shoot, I applied his makeup as well, some foundation and a bit of contouring. The only reason I felt okay doing that is because I was playing with a new toy. We invested to acquire an air brush. That’s correct, our faces as you see them in these images were air brushed hours previous. I even air brushed my cheek color, eye shadow, and eyebrows. The notion stemmed out of my makeup incident at Midnight Mass. Motivated me to learn to do it myself. I am still learning, and botch it regularly. So goes the saying, if you don’t get on the horse then you’ll never learn to ride.

In Deep


Heels Over Head

Speakeasy Photos
Hair: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: David “Gravy” Castillo
Authentic vintage swimwear procured online.

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