Engine Work

We ran a few hours late the day of our on-location shoot with Matt Martin. Agitated we would be forced to rush against the setting sun, I grabbed a last-minute and unplanned outfit as a back-up in case we ran out of light and could move to a garage. After all, Matt is a mechanic and the garage is where I thought he may be most comfortable. I learned from my shoots with Gravy that the more comfortable and relaxed we are, the better images we capture. Case in point: when I sort a set of images, most of what I land up using are from the second half of the shoot. The later images turn out better, with everybody at their highest level of comfort. No surprise then that although three story lines outlined the day’s shoots, I am pulling more images out of the impromptu garage set. Moral of the story: art must flow, and in a photo shoot the flow is a merge between photographer, subjects, objects, and the scene. Work it, baby!

I liked how the engine and many items in the garage matched the shirt I grabbed to wear.

Matt works hard on his body and at his trade. We thought it would be fun to show him off. Well pleased to have planned and nailed this shoot with him. It was a fun day.

Speakeasy Photos

MUAH: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: Matt Martin
Blouse by Ains & Elke StyleHaus

Would You Help Me Out of This?

I adored this hat upon spotting it at the Sacramento Antique Faire months ago. Shane told me “no” so I bought it at the Folsom Antique Faire one week later. I have purchased many vintage pieces from the same family, including more hats and coats which will be featured in future blog posts! Shane says this hat looks like a funeral piece. I thought it a fantastic match to my car, real 1940s! Silver screen, baby! In this shot, the hat is paired with my authentic 1940s vintage platforms and 1950s authentic vintage blouse picked up at Racks Boutique in Midtown Sacramento. The blouse buttons all the way down the back, which sparked an interesting exchange: Why on earth do so many of these vintage pieces require someone to help put it on? How many people are flexible enough to button all their buttons neck to lower back?! Shane pointedly pause the conversation with a certain look, and I realized that also required is somebody to help her take it off! You saw those old films, “Would you help me out of this?” Only the skirt is a reproduction. Modern day shoes acquired at a clothing swap are featured in the bottom two images.

Speakeasy Photos
MUA: Alyssa Plough
Hair: Self

Style, Baby

Too Cool

Oh Baby

To The Water

Water’s Edge

I See You

Getting Our Feet Wet

Up On Your Shoulders

Man of Strength



Today Shane, Gravy and I will be in Old Town Sac for Americana weekend. We look forward to participating via the California Auto Museum. Americana Style, this is going to be a day of eye candy!

Special announcement: Plans for the next car show and pageant are to participate in BillitProof in Antioch at the end of September.

Speakeasy Photos
Hair: Danyelle “The Hair Maverick” Johnson
Model: David “Gravy” Castillo
Authentic vintage swimwear procured online.