Here’s My Car!

Our first shoot outside the home studio! Cars reflect surroundings and can call out decade discrepancies. Next time we will choose a more timeless location such as the countryside or Downtown. I am beginning to see how “Car Show” is a season in pinup circles. Surrounded by other classics is much easier to not get “called out” when photographing such a large object! Car photography is its own art form. Fortunately, the California Auto Museum periodically offers classes and Shane hopes to attend the next one.

Stella Mae the 1948 Chevy Stylemaster joined our crew in Fall 2013. First five years of marriage owning one car, we decide to acquire a second vehicle. New SUVs are family friendly but lack appeal of generations past. I grew up with classics, thanks to my dad who spent all free time in the garage. I call Dad and ask the chances of finding an old car with “new guts”, something pre-1950s but updated with modern safety features such as a steering wheel column that won’t impail the driver in case of accident. Dad restored a 1953 truck with similar standards, how I knew such a beast may exist. We thought to buy a car in about six months. Dad found a car within the first week!

Dad is her caretaker so long as we foot the bill. Car clubs like to see pre-1972 parts and our girl was restored in the 1980s with contemporary features. No show queen here, but we enjoy her ride.

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