Pinups of yesteryear are inspiration for the type of photography we are today pursuing. Pinup meaning a printed image informally push pinned onto the wall, or in this tech world displayed upon a screen perhaps in social media. I did a little homework to expand the knowledge base for what we seek to emulate. I enjoy the paintings or drawings which seem so timeless, so cute and willingly embraced. But perhaps these images in their historical context were not viewed as they are today. I romanticize this art form serving our soldiers and our country during the second Great War and readily idealize generations passed. Is that accurate? Does it matter? The Pinup Portal features a concise history of Pinup which makes for an enjoyable read. Written at least a decade ago, this page also points out the fact that much more explicit or leude material is readily and countlessly available for anyone seeking. Is sweetness removed and therefor craved in present day? A longer read goes farther back on the history and makes interesting notes on erotic art forms. I have a hard time calling it that. There’s nothing new under the sun. One is left to wonder, do we even consider this 1930s-50s classic style of art recreated to be erotic today? I’m gonna go with “no” at least for myself, or else I wouldn’t be pursuing it. Should I find these questions I must ask disturbing and my mind in need of altering?

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