Pinup embraces cultural participation. Glamor models walk in and out of photo shoots and are done. Pinup is a lifestyle, a growing lifestyle for many folks. We have certainly met some interesting characters and have come across many flavors of Pinup depictions. Look back at my blog posts and note the progression from cheesecake to rockabilly then alternative.

Thus far, we have aimed toward classic pinup scenes and poses also known as cheesecake shots. Generally that entails a blown-out background and token prop with sweet or slightly humorous poses. Alternative Pinup may portray similar scenes, but less smiles, more drama and simpler costuming. Similar to glamor but with vintage flair. Alternative Pinup seems to be the most popular right now, models boasting body ink, colored hair and piercings of all sorts. We recently had my hair and makeup done by The Hair Maverick in a more modern dramatic, alternative fashion and are pleased with the results. Serious as opposed to smiles and “woopsie” poses feels weightier and more deep to portray. I am equally fond of both, but also learning that the former has wider appeal, especially among women.

Rockabilly Pinup we also dabble with a bit, for who pursuing vintage fashion has not purchased a pair of high-waist pants or shorts and embraced big Texas hair?! This is a fun style and the scene is full of wonderful people, many of whom are into their classic cars! Sometimes men are featured in this photography, and very often a vehicle. Musical influence from the South and Country music bring this style close to home. Rock music coming out of the South in these decades earned a different casting to ideas of “white trash”. I’m comfortable with owning that.

Two more genres that are not my taste are Psychobilly and Fetish. Both on the dark side, Fetish Pinup features leather bedroom clothes or lingerie and bondage type scenes while Psychobilly evokes images from vintage horror films or murderous broads. No thanks, I’m not a fan of the dark side.

Boudoir was very popular for a while, bedroom and lingerie scenes from any decade, oftentimes military wives want to take these for their husbands to cherish while away on TDY. Culture hand in hand with these shots are burlesque shows which have also grown in popularity in recent years.

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